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10 Things I LURV about Wild Love

May 25, 2021


I am so excited for the release of Wild Love! Since we are less than 48 hours until readers get their hands on the book, I thought I would let you know just what I love about this book!

  1. Everly Freaking Spencer – I love all my heroines, but I totally fell for Everly. She is who I would be if I had the nerve. Sarcastic, and a bit aloof, but she loves hard.
  2. QUINN HAWTHORNE – Okay, we all love our book boyfriends but Quinn…he’s just so delicious. It’s magic when you find that one person who understands you, and Quinn really gets Everly.
  3. Juniper Springs-Readers got a gander at the small town in Hate to Love You and Love to Hate You. But now, you get even more information about a town with an app from hell, and meddling old women.
  4. GAY DUCKS- these gay ducks were real. When we were stationed in Georgia, we actually had a couple who lived on a little pond behind our house on base.
  5. Visiting old characters- The Hawthornes and with a few LOLs, and let’s not forget the best unicorn believing friend in the world Becca!
  6. The Hawthorne Brothers Texts-These guys are the best type siblings, at least for an author. Their relationships remind me of the Santinis and I just loved exploring their connections more in this book. I really think readers are going to love them.
  7. The Juniper Springs Express – the app everyone but the LOLs hate.
  8. The LOLs-Little Old Ladies, who abuse the Juniper Springs Express to tattle on everyone in town.
  9. CARTER HAWTHORNE – He’s the little brother you want but would probably want to kill if he was around. One thing I love about Carter is that he is definitely more than the goofy, often politically incorrect, little brother. He’s a genius who runs the million dollar nightclub arm of Hawthorne Enterprises. It’s always those kinds of characters that pull me in when I’m writing.
  10. The relationship arc of Everly and Quinn. These two really got to me and the way Quinn complimented Everly in the best way. They both bring out each other’s best qualities and there was never a moment in writing the book that I doubted their connection.

Make sure to grab up Wild Love while it is in wide distribution and at the low intro price!

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