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9 things I love about Luscious

Tomorrow, Luscious is going to be out in the wild for readers to enjoy. I thought I would share a little bit about why I love it so much. EJ owns and runs Magnolia Books, a romance only bookstore. Harry and EJ had a date in the past that is referred to as the Date […]

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Six things I LURV about Wicked Temptations

Tamilya and Marcus will be here tomorrow (although Amazon let them out a little early). Make sure you add the book to Goodreads. Marcus is my homage to one of my favorite actors (he plays James Bond in my head) Idris Elba. There is an incident at Blaisdell Arena which I have been to. I […]

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Check Out My Paranormal Books

Hey, there! I know I am known for my contemporary books, but I have a lot of paranormal books. While I love writing The Santinis, Harmless, etc, I also enjoy creating my own rules in a world I’ve created. (Control Freak much?) Here are a couple of my favorites. But you can check them all […]

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