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Week Two Savannah Challenge

Yes, I am off to the annual HELLCATION to Florida, but I wanted to check in. My total loss for the week is 3 pounds! I made it to the 10 pound mark. Now, this week, my challenge is not to eat too much. There will be enough walking for the week, so hopefully, I […]

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Authors Against Bullying Blog Hop

Hey, everyone. When Mandy Roth said she wanted to do something about bullying I jumped on right away. Not just because she is the BOMB, but also because this is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. I hate bullies. I hate them with a passion. I am not just throwing the […]

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First Week Results-Savannah Challenge

Hello, everyone! I have my first week results, waaahoooo. I lost 7 pounds the first week. This is due to a lot of water weight and the actual pounds will probably slow down to about 2 a week after this. But a great start if I do say so myself:) My big struggle has been […]

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Changes in the Air-A challenge for Savannah

Hey, ho, everyone. Well, as I have had talked about in the past, I have those medical issues. Cutting back on stress is one thing. But now, I have to address my other issues: my lack of exercise and diet. I don’t mean to go ON a diet, but I have to make some lifestyle […]

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