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Changes in the Air-A challenge for Savannah

Hey, ho, everyone. Well, as I have had talked about in the past, I have those medical issues. Cutting back on stress is one thing. But now, I have to address my other issues: my lack of exercise and diet. I don’t mean to go ON a diet, but I have to make some lifestyle changes. So, starting today, I am on Weight Watchers online. Granted, not sure how this is going to work when I am at Disney World in a few weeks, but I will at least have some context to portion control again.

I have my own goals for overall pounds to lose. Right now, I am concentrating on my first 10 percent. And no, I am not saying what that is because then you can figure it out lol. But, I hope to lose it before we leave for Hawaii in January.

One thing I want to do is be in better shape for AAD Savannah. This year was horrible for me. With my high blood pressure, the meds and my back, ARGH. So, I want to get into shape for Savannah. Last year, for the second year, I wanted to get a corset, but at my weight, it just didn’t sound like a good idea. When I was in NOLA, I decided that I needed to make a change.I want to be able to get myself a corset…and I am going to spend a fortune on it lol. I also have plans for at least TWO costumes. I KNOW, surprising. But I want to be able to have fun with it and to do that, I need to be at a healthier weight.

This isn’t about getting to a size 2. This is about losing excess weight, getting active, and bringing my bp down so I can get off meds.

So, today I started the WW online. It took me a couple months, but I had a lot of other things going on that I used as an excuse not to. Not anymore. I am going to concentrate not so much on the numbers but on changing my lifestyle once and for all. It isn’t going to be easy. I have been down this road before, but now, my life really depends on it. My quality of life is too low and I am sick of not doing things because of my weight. I will do my best to check in every Sunday or Monday on my progress. First big thing is go walk around the block tonight, along with following the points plan.

If there are any WW online members out there and would like to be in a group to support each other, let me know. I am not endorsing them, but if you are a member, let me know so we can hook up.


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  1. You can totally do it Mel! Super proud of you. I dove into Medifast whole hog this year just to fix the back issues and get rid of that cpap. I’m three pounds away from the sleep study to see if I can actually ditch that damn machine. So I’m happy about that! I’ll be over here cheering you on. You can do it at Disney too–a lot of the meals can give you lean portions, you just have to watch the overabundance of carbs.

    1. I know I am close to having to go on a cpap. Les is on it, but his issues have nothing to do with weight. I do not want to do that because I would probably never sleep, lol.
      I am so proud of you. And Disney, with all the walking and making sure I eat the right portions, I should be okay. Thanks for your support!

  2. Wow it’s like you wrote what I’ve been thinking and feeling (other than BP issue thankfully).

    I’ve done WW before and it worked but as what usually happens things got sidetracked and fell back into usual habits. If we have a group that might help – gonna look at cost.

    1. Let me know if you sign up. If not, I will be checking in here and people are more than welcomed to check in weekly on their goals. I have done WW in the past. Only Jenny Craig was close to helping. The problem with Jenny is that I have to still cook for the family. This way, I’m getting them to eat healthier too, lol.

  3. Wow Heather I never even thought about being able to get rid of my cpap!!!!! That would be awesome!!

  4. I resigned up on WW too. 🙂 I like the program and it worked for me last time.


  5. I’m cheering for you! You can do it! Weight Watchers is fantastic and a reasonable program that is the best of healthy choices in my opinion! I’m down over 60 and it got me off of my BP meds and I will cheer you on all the way! You are such a driven woman that makes great choices and follows through, there is no doubt you will be successful at this as well!

    1. Thanks so much, Cee. It has been one of those things I keep saying I will do later. I cannot let it go on. Too many people in my family died early in their lives because of heart problems. I refuse to let it happen to me.

  6. I’m glad you’ve made the decision to do this for your health. You are more likely to stick to a plan when it’s something you WANT to do rather than something you’re TOLD to do. I’m rooting for you.

    1. Yes, although the doc did tell me to do this. It’s not like I don’t know what I should be doing when it comes to eating and exercising. Now I have the motivation, and I am already shopping for what to wear to AAD. I have some definite plans;)

  7. Mel, I did WW before and I’ve been thinking of doing it again. My cardio dr has done recent BW on me and my sugar was a little high. He wants me to get some weight off and exercise. So I’m in the same boat. I’ve been sick the last 2 weeks and can’t seen to kick this cough now. Watching my da with hi 2nd bypass surgery I don’t want to be the same so I need to take care of myself also. So I’m here to support you also. The last time I did WW he always said that you don’t lose weight cause then you always find it so we need to GET RID OF THE WEIGHT so that we never find it again.

    1. Thank you so much! My father had bypass surgery too just a few years ago. I have a family history of high cholesterol even without being overweight. So, add that and it could spell disaster. I am looking at this as a change in my lifestyle, not just a temporary thing. Which I think I did before on WW and every other thing I did. I have to accept that I need to do this to be healthy forever.

      1. Sorry for all the mistakes in my post… hard to type on the iphone… hehehe… first I’ve been on the computer…. keep up the great work… we are all behind you to help out and keep you going…

  8. I am with you in many ways, Mel! I joined WW at work this week so we can be buddies! My health and that damn corset depend on it! We can do this! Lets be the hottest babes in Savannah next year! I may even get a tat as a symbol for all that I am worth to myself!

  9. I posted on FB but I wanted to post a “YOU CAN DO IT” here. You will have all my praises and look forward to your process. I was on BP medicine and now have been off it for year and feel great. Remember it is a work in process and if you find yourself getting down turn to your ADDICTS and we will be your CHEERING CORNER!!! I hope to make it to AAD (fingers crossed)and can’t wait to see the new YOU!!!!!

  10. I do ww and have dropped 40 pounds. For me, being on so many meds for Lupus and Fibromyalga, weight watchers is the only thing that has ever worked. Good luck.I think it is a great way to lose weight.

  11. Congrats on taking the first step!! I too have HBP & am sick of the meds. I know I’ve put on major weight in the last few years not that I’ve ever been at a good weight. I just started on WW online 2 weeks ago and so far I’ve lost 7lbs. I did WW a few years ago & I felt like I was totally obsessed with food so I’ve been putting off rejoining, but after I came home from my vacation a few weeks ago & saw pictures of me I was determined to try again. I have to say I like the way it is set up now then the last time I did it. Having the daily & weekly points makes it feel not so structured.

  12. Mel – AWESOME! I agree about the “no diet” thing. Especially when you have kids I just tell them that I am eating healthier to BE healthier and explain why I cannot have that cake..or butter..etc. I feel that it sets a better example (especially for little girls!) Last year my motivation was AADNOLA LOL I lost 30 lbs before the trip and have kind of stalled since I got home, but thats OK. I have not GAINED! My best friend has lost 60! I hate her a little. LOL Weight Watchers is fantastic and that is what I have done. I like both methods, the Simply Filling and Points. I started with points, but now just do the simply filling. I hope to be at my goal weight by Savannah time…we will all be hot bitches if we stick with it!! =)

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