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Sexy Saturday: Cover Reveal!

As many of you know, I am going to be rereleasing some of my books. I have a few that have been on the back burner for awhile and I will be releasing them sometime in 2014. They will be at discounted rates, still working on the pricing list for them right now. They all have a touch of paranormal. The name design matches my website and was designed by Wax Creative. My PA Brandy Walker did the cover designs and I love them:)

The first two are part of my Sweet Shoppe Series which includes Turning Paige from Ellora’s Cave.  Cowboy Up has a heroine returning to the ranch she hated every day of her life. And Tempting Prudence was a free story on my site that will be expanded.









My next book is Chasing Luck. There were four Fates to begin with, but Luck ran off and did what she wanted. In my book, she ends up in a small Texas town running her own little bookshop.



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