First Week Results-Savannah Challenge - Melissa Schroeder

First Week Results-Savannah Challenge

Hello, everyone! I have my first week results, waaahoooo.

I lost 7 pounds the first week. This is due to a lot of water weight and the actual pounds will probably slow down to about 2 a week after this. But a great start if I do say so myself:)

My big struggle has been with exercise. When I was in shape, I would walk 3 miles in less than 45 minutes. I did aerobics without a problem. Now, though, I struggle to get through the easiest of exercises. I know that I just have to keep at it and it will get easier, but it is going to be tough. I ordered some new DVDs of the workouts I loved, all the low impact ones, and I am going to add something new into the mix: a regular dose of stretching.

My huge challenge is going to be Walt Disney World, but since I have to walk FIVE BILLION MILES every day, it shouldn’t be too bad. My goal for that is to STAY STEADY. I just don’t want to gain any weight that week.

Today is a free day from exercise, although I still might go for a leisurely walk later. Have a great Sunday!

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  1. CONGRATS MEL!!!!! Don’t ever down play your weight loss whether it water weight or not. It’s 7lbs. down and many more to follow. I’m very happy for you and look forward to your success as you go. About Disney World, it will be a piece of cake (no pun intended) most places have healthier menu choices and it will be easy to stay on WW. If you slip a bit don’t beat yourself up, just go forward and don’t dwell in the slip up. I’m so so Happy for you and you are going to make me motivated to work harder on my weight loss.

    1. Thanks! Actually, the fact that I have to walk a bazillion miles a day should even everything out. We also get a free breakfast with our room at Boardwalk so I am planning on going the very healthy route of oatmeal most mornings or high fiber cereal. At least that way, I keep my extra points for later:)
      I have given myself permission to be a little bad at the German place. I grew up on that food and it is my favorite place to eat.
      Good luck to you on the weight loss!

    1. Thanks, that is the way I am looking at it. I am not looking at that HUGE scary number of total pounds I should lose. Instead, I am concentrating on small goals.

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