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Year in Review: Sex on the Beach

YAY, we can have some more fun in the sun with our Hawaiian Holidays. Today, Siren is releasing the second book of my Hawaiian Holidays series, Sex on the Beach. Eddie is one of my favorite kind of heroines. I like them all tough on the outside trying to keep from getting hurt. But when […]

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Year in Review: Mele Kalikimaka, Baby

Earlier this year, I had decided I wanted to write some menages set in Hawaii. Just fun, flirty books, short, for the quick escape. I wrote the first two books of my Hawaiian Holidays, Mele Kalikimaka, Baby and Sex on the Beach. The third one is almost done and I will be turning it in, […]

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First, Cover Goodliness

I LOVE this cover. Just really love it. I hope that a lot of people see it and think, I want a break from the cold weather, and go pick up a copy.  Jinger Heaston is just getting better and better:)

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So, I am having a great time this weekend. I have been hanging out with Joy Harris and Ali Flores and we are hitting DC today. But, yesterday, I get on the phone with Kris Cook who tells me that I have two releases from Siren in December. As many of you know, I already […]

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