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So, all of you know I have much love for Authors After Dark and Stella Price. I always have a good time. I will be doing my open bar as usual this year, but Stella is expanding the night time activities and I am uber excited that I could get in on the Vampire Ball! […]

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I am bringing an insane amount of promo with me to Authors After Dark. I have always said that once I was making money where I could afford it, I would definitely do it. I have lots of different cover flats, some magnets, bookmarks and then, I have a few surprises for everyone;) Here are […]

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An AAD Exclusive!

I was thinking about something to do special for AAD, beyond what I am already doing. So, I figured, why not have A Little Harmless Military Romance Anthology! Now the final cover did not have the AAD 2012 moniker because I wasn’t sure if I would still make it exclusive. But, I will have it […]

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Updates and what not

I want to give everyone a big update on things that are going on with me. Many of my readers on FB and Twitter already know that I was recently diagnosed with very high blood pressure. It is now under control, but the first few weeks while they were playing with the meds, were very […]

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