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Check me out!

I am over at Wicked Lil Pixie Reviews talking about Peter Rabbit and there is a chance for a free copy of ALH Lie signed by me, or Infatuation in digital. It is open to EVERYONE, all over the world:) Go show me and the gals over there some love, will you?! It is one […]

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Two Bookie Nominations!

YAY! What a way to start the weekend. I was spending time preparing the lessons I have to teach next week and Eliza Gayle im’d me to go take a look. A Little Harmless Addiction was nominated for Best Contemporary Novel of the year and I was nominated for Author of the Year for the Bookie […]

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Two Cons in less than a Week, the comparison

It only took me a few weeks, but I finally have my blog done. I am one of the few people who went to Romcon AND Authors After Dark so close together. I know that every Con experience is individual, but I have been going to them for years. Plus, I will preface this with […]

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Much news Monday

Well, it has been a crazy week. And, I am not looking forward to another one, but it will probably turn out that way. I just finished off line edits for A Little Harmless Lie, and I had that…what was that…oh a RELEASE! Exciting, yes? Anyway, here are some great things that happened along with […]

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Conquering India nominated for Bookie!

I rarely get nominated so I am always soooo excited when it happens. The Bookie Awards are from Authors After Dark, which I will be attending next August. I am so super excited. Have I said that, lol. Thanks for everyone who nominated me and the voting will commence in November! Oh, and the sequel, […]

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