At Last - Melissa Schroeder

At Last

Well, I have been working hard on At Last, the first Fitzpatricks book coming out in October. I am really enjoying my time with Wendy and Aeden.  Here is a little piece from the book. Oh, and make sure to add At Last and The Lost Night to your Goodreads shelf!

Her lips curved as she reached out for his arm. “Come on.”

At Last_600x900She led him down another hallway and then opened the door to a closet. She peeked in then pulled in in with her. Shutting the door with the kick of her foot, she leaned closer and kissed him. The excitement of stealing away for a kiss wasn’t something that usually got him going…not for many years. But this was somehow thrilling. As she slid her hands up his arms to behind his neck, she opened her mouth and he stole in side. It was sweet, wet…and everything else faded away


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