One Night... - Melissa Schroeder

One Night…


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For a long minute—maybe two—Kaitlin didn’t react. She couldn’t. Every thought she had dissolved as she felt his mouth move over hers.

Brando pulled back an inch. When he spoke, she felt his breath against her mouth and shivered.

“This works a lot better if you participate.”

She blinked at the sound of his voice. This wasn’t the sweet man she thought she knew. He wasn’t the friend who could always make her laugh no matter what the situation. A dark thread of need deepened his tone. It left her head spinning and her body throbbing. Kaitlin had never heard that before in a man’s voice. Not directed at her.

She opened her mouth, then snapped it shut.


Normally, Kaitlin would lie, but maybe because of the loss of brain cells, she couldn’t. “I…I’m confused.”

He chuckled. “Let me help you decide on the matter.”

Without another word, he lowered his mouth to hers as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her tight against him. This time she knew it was coming, but wasn’t any better prepared for it. The kiss blasted through her body, leaving her head spinning, her heart beating so hard against her chest that she was sure she’d pass out at some point. She knew she had two choices. One was to run away and slam the door in his face. The other was to hold on and enjoy the kiss. She picked the latter.

Closing her eyes, she returned the kiss. He must have liked it because he growled and deepened the kiss. He slipped one hand up to cup her face as he slanted his mouth over hers again and again. As he continued to kiss her, he walked her back into the room and shut the door. Before she was finished, he tore his mouth away.

“We need to get you naked.”

His voice was rough, raw. All of the sweet man she knew had been stripped away and this man was on the edge. It sent tingles dancing over her flesh. He stepped forward and placed both of his hands on her shoulders. Then he turned her around. As he pulled the zipper of her dress down, Brando skimmed his finger down her spine. She shivered.

“Does that bother you?”

She shook her head as he kissed her shoulder. The simple gesture had her curling her toes into the carpet.

“No,” she breathed.

“Ah,” he said, as he let her dress fall to the floor. A rush of cool air feathered over her, including her very bare rear end. She closed her eyes, as she just remembered she’d worn a thong.

“Well, well, well,” he said, admiration easy to hear in his voice. He dragged his fingers over her bottom. It was a light touch, but it affected her. “If I had known you were wearing this under your dress, I would have never made it through dinner. There is a good chance I might have fainted from lack of blood to my brain.”


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