Dante Santini is here! - Melissa Schroeder

Dante Santini is here!

This post is a little late because I was sidetracked by life today! Sorry!  But of course, Dante is being downloaded and loved just like I hoped. The reviews are rolling in and everyone is loving the story. I am so happy because as I told the Harmless Addicts, Dante ranks up there with Evan and Micah for me.  Follow me after the jump for an exclusive excerpt.


A Santini in Love

“You’re a guy? That’s your argument?”

He should be formulating some kind of escape from the fight she was itching to have with him, but he couldn’t.


Brilliant, Santini. Just brilliant.

“Seriously? That’s all you have to say?”

“What do you want me to say? That I think you need someone to take care of you? I do.”

“I don’t need anyone.”

“Oh, sure, you’re a freaking island,” he said.

Dante didn’t understand where his irritation was coming from, but it was boiling beneath the surface. He didn’t often show his temper, but when he did, everyone avoided him. On an intellectual level, he understood she could take care of herself. She was a fucking Marine and had seen combat. The PTSD might give people a problem, but not him. She was still fucking tough.

On some other level, the one that involved his heart and his soul, he wanted her to want his protection. Her reluctance caused his anger to surge. It made him feel like a Neanderthal, but he didn’t give a damn.

“What that’s supposed to mean?”

He shoved his hands through his hair trying to calm himself. He still didn’t understand why he was acting like this or why he wanted to yell at her.

When he spoke, he couldn’t hide the frustration he was feeling. “It means that every now and then, can’t you just give in?”

Confusion flittered over her features. She truly didn’t comprehend what was clawing at him. Hell, he didn’t understand it. It was overwhelming his every rational thought and action. From the moment he heard her voice again, something had been humming in his blood. He wanted her…but worse, he needed her. Needed to feel her flesh against his, to taste her desire, and to experience the way her body gave way as he sunk his cock deep within her hot core.

Dante didn’t understand his feelings, and he really didn’t give a flying fuck at the moment. He just knew that at this point, this woman was whom he needed.

So, he did the one thing he’d been dreaming to do since the last time he had kissed her. He stepped forward and grabbed her. She was tall, but she seemed so dainty in his hands. Her eyes widened when he jerked her against his body and slammed his mouth down on hers.



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