Brandy Walker's Shifted Plans is HERE! - Melissa Schroeder

Brandy Walker’s Shifted Plans is HERE!

Hey, there. We have less than a day before Dante Santini will release, but I wanted to tell you shifter lovers about a hot new paranormal series from Brandy Walker! The first book releases today and I think everyone will love it! It is part of the ROAR line at Decadent Publishing which is a New Adult line and they are all shifters.




Avery Hillman has one year of college left. Once it’s over she has plans, BIG plans. A job managing her family’s medical practice, an apartment of her own, and a new life where she’s the one in charge. No hovering family, no annoying siblings, and no mate to have to divide her time to be with.

Declan Weller has one more class to finish. One more thing he can cross off his ten-year plan. Once that is done, he can transfer to the new job waiting for him and his new life. He isn’t looking for his mate and as far as he’s concerned, finding her can wait another two years.

The Fates have a plan of their own. One that includes throwing Avery and Declan in each other’s path. It’s high time those two found each other and learn the most important thing of all…sometimes plans need to shift.



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