Southern Seduction - Melissa Schroeder

Southern Seduction

A Little Harmless Pleasure marked the true beginning of the Harmless series…but it wasn’t an easy road to publication.


When I first wrote Cynthia, she wasn’t a very nice woman. But then, she didn’t have a very nice life. After finishing A Little Harmless Sex, she kept whispering in my ear, telling me she needed her own story. I was a new author and I was thinking series. But, Cynthia really didn’t like looking like such a bitch in the first book.

So, I started to write the book. I knew that Chris was a switch and I had never written a BDSM book. NEVER. Didn’t live the life, didn’t know anything beyond the few books I had read. Thanks to my friend Stephanie Vaughn and few discussions online with a professional Domme, I started writing the book. It was supposed to end in New Orleans. Chris was going to be from there and have a bar and grill, much like his sister Jocelyn does in Infatuation. But, in the middle of writing the book, Katrina hit and I knew that I couldn’t end it there. We had just gotten back from Hawaii the year before, so I moved the series there. And the rest is history.

Here is a little bit from Chris and Cynthia’s story, A Little Harmless Pleasure.


“Listen. We’ll worry about home later. Let’s drink some coffee and see how you’re


At first, he didn’t react. Being the oldest of five siblings, he wasn’t used to having
his orders thwarted. Especially by a woman who stood about half a foot shorter than him,
weighed less than a feather and was drunk because her ex-fiancé had gotten married. But,
being in the restaurant business, he knew how to handle a drunk. Even one who was
screwing with his ability to think with his big brain and not his little one.

“No, you don’t want coffee?”

She shook her head. “I’m not going anywhere without my champagne. Anna gave it
to me.” Her bottom lip curved out in a perfect pout.

Knowing it would be best to placate her, he shooed her aside and opened the door.
After grabbing the champagne bottle, he slammed the door shut, took her by the arm and
hurried her inside.

“Thank you, Chris.”

Her tone had turned patronizing, as if he were a three-year-old who needed to be
soothed. A strange mixture of irritation, amusement and lust swept through him. He
wouldn’t be surprised if she patted his head.

They walked through the lobby to the elevators. His fingers curled slightly at the feel
of warm, bare skin beneath them. As the two of them stepped into the elevator, another
couple boarded, and she had to move closer to him. Her scent was driving him crazy.
Something flowery, like gardenias. He usually hated those kinds of perfumes, but there
was a hint of it on her skin, and it suited the woman. The thought of it on his sheets in the
morning, as they both lingered in bed, was tempting. Too tempting.

The other couple got off on the second floor, and as soon as they reached the third
floor, he took hold of her by the arm and drew her out of the elevator. She stumbled and
then giggled at her clumsiness. He didn’t slow down, just dragged her down the hall to
his room.

Once there, he released her to pull out his keycard. As he dug into his pocket, she
stepped behind him and slipped her arm around his waist. He grabbed his key, resisting
the urge to give his cock a nice long stroke through his pants. Chris figured he deserved
it, especially because he could feel her breasts pressed against his back, her hard nipples
through their layers of clothing. Lord knew he was going to be taking care of himself
later, because he didn’t see any way of relieving the tension she’d built in him, other than
finding another woman or jacking off. Her hand slid up his chest, caressing one nipple,
then the other, through his shirt. His fingers fumbled on the card, almost dropping it. As
he inserted it into the slot, Cynthia’s fingers danced back down his torso, past his

He cursed because it took him three times to get the key to work. When the door
finally opened, her hand was slithering down to his cock. Chris stumbled over thethreshold, breaking free of her hold. Not that it had been that demanding. If he were
honest with himself, he would have gladly stood there all day. And that made him
madder. She was easily threatening his control, something many women had tried and

Turning, he shot her a glare nasty enough to burn the hair off a hog. She leaned
against the closed door, trying to reopen the bottle of champagne. When she noticed his
narrowed gaze, she laughed.

“Mr. Dupree.” Her voice dripped with Southern seduction. “I do believe you’re
trying to scare me.”

The lust that had simmered all evening exploded into a full boil. Damn, she was
smiling at him, those dimples in full force. He didn’t need this kind of enticement. It’d
been a while since he’d had a woman, or even been that attracted to one. Distance was
what he required. He rested a hand on each of his hips and tried to look even nastier. She
erupted in a fit of giggles, laughing so hard she lost her balance. She fell on the floor,
emitting a squeak when she landed.

It took her several moments to compose herself, but when she did, she said between
snorts, “Chris, you can stop trying. You’re too sweet looking to be mean.”



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