Three Chances to Review and Membership to the Militia Is Now Open!!!! - Melissa Schroeder

Three Chances to Review and Membership to the Militia Is Now Open!!!!

LoganHey, folks!

I have been working on some new ideas and one of them is developing a reviewer list again. Over the next few months, I will be offering up my books for review to a select number of folks. Those people who come through with reviews, will get offered a spot on the permanent reviewer list.

How do you go about that? Well, right now I have two lists going. I am offering the first 40 people a chance to review Logan, A Little Harmless Secret, and A Santini in Love. You wDANTE SANTINIill get the book and will get thirty days from the release day of the book to get the review done. It will be YOUR job to get back with me about whether you reviewed the book or not.

Through these lists, I will work up a group of 40-50 people who will get first pick at upcoming reviews. Next choices will go to my MILITIA and then I will open it up to the public.

As I continue to work on writing ahead of schedule, I hope to get the books to readers about 3-4 weeks BEFORE the release of the book. That way, the reviewer will likely have 6-8 weeks to read the books and review them:)

Militia_ProudMemberNow, if you would like to be a member of my street team, MEL’S MILITIA, sign up is now going on this month. I only open it twice a year and through the end of June you can sign up at THIS FORM.


LittleHarmlessSecret72 (1)SIGNUP SHEETS for REVIEWERS





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3 Comments on “Three Chances to Review and Membership to the Militia Is Now Open!!!!

  1. I love your books and work hard at promoting them. I have brought several new fans into the wonder that is your writing and they have thanked me. You always worry if ppl will like who you reccomend and so far it’s all thumbs up!!’

  2. I have reviewed several of your books in the past and would LOVE to be on your reviewers list! Hopefully I will have an opportunity to read and review your current books for your new readers. They deserve to know your stories and characters (and why) like your longtime readers….

  3. I have reviewed two of the previous books on the Clan. I feel it is your best work so far.

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