Only For Him, Part One Now Available! - Melissa Schroeder

Only For Him, Part One Now Available!

Hey, everyone! For those of you who LOVED Addy and Vic, their story is now a subject of a free serial on my website. The first part is out now and you can download mobi or epub.



Addy and Vic are spending New Year’s Eve together. Not so much by choice but by circumstance. It ends up being more than either of them expected, but in the end, Vic has one thing he wants from her in order to continue their affair.


She pulled out a French press. “I take it you want some caffeine to keep you awake on the ride home?”

“That’s fine.”

He didn’t need to tell her that there was a good chance he wouldn’t get any sleep. Just being there in her little kitchen with her, seeing her flit around in that little bitty dress…that memory would keep him awake for hours.

She reached up to grab the coffee, rising to her tippy toes. The way she was moving, he knew it was a matter of time before he saw more than he could handle tonight. Vic decided to take matters in his own hands.

“I’ll get that.”

And, just like she always did, she contradicted him. “I can get it.”

He sighed and reached over her to grab the coffee. She fell back against him then turned to face him. There was something so right about being there in her kitchen, the soft lights above them and the pattering of the rain against the window. He’d been resisting for months, trying his best to control the situation. But in that instant, he didn’t care about that. He just needed a taste, to know that she wanted him like he wanted her.


It was just one word and she said in a tone that didn’t convince him that she was all that serious.

“Don’t what?” he asked, their mouths just centimeters apart. Their breath mingled and his heart seemed lodged in his throat.

“Uh…I forgot.”

“That’s good,” he said, as he bent his head and gave into temptation.


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