Get Them While You Can! - Melissa Schroeder

Get Them While You Can!

Hi, everyone! I hope you have had a great week, whether you celebrate the holidays or not. The Schroeders celebrated their first post military Christmas quietly as I had work and we are still at work on the house. I finally get living room furniture tomorrow, lol.

I wanted to give readers a head’s up about some sales I have going on that will all be ending January 1st. Now, they may be on sale past that, depending on how long the outlets take to shift the prices.

A Santini Christmas, Tease Me, Marco, Gianni, and Vicente will all go up to their regular price. Leonardo will stay at .99.  Paranormal Hunks will be going off sale completely in January. It is a chance to get THREE full books (Callum, Desire by Blood, Telepathic Cravings) for .99! Get it while you still can!


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