Santini Christmas Day Two - Melissa Schroeder

Santini Christmas Day Two

Cover_Santinis_xmasSo, you all know the rules, right? Every day you get a chance at 100.00 GC and I am actually giving away five of them by the end of the week.

Be sure to check out DAY ONE of the contest as you can enter it until Friday! And if you haven’t picked up a copy of A Santini Christmas, it is up everywhere in digital!

The day is finally here. I knew when I wrote The Santinis, that I would have to do something for Joey and Papa. There was just no way around it. Joey burst onto the scene in Leonardo and I couldn’t deny her the stage. Of course, anyone who raises four boys, gets her degree and follows her husband around the world, she was going to capture people’s attention. Add in a massive former Marine who will do anything to make her happy, and I knew everyone would want to know how they met. So, for today’s contest, how about you tell me which character you would like to know better: Joey, Papa, or would you like to see them interviewed together? While the contest will stay open, I will take note of the score on Thursday morning and the interview will be posted on Friday morning! Make sure to vote.

And, since I talked about the Brothers Santini, why not take a gander at THEIR BOOKS and the WORLD PREMIERE ANNOUNCEMENT Trailer that started the not only a series, but also a spinoff, Semper FI Marines, and turned me into a USA Today Bestseller!

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13 Comments on “Santini Christmas Day Two

  1. I want more of Joey and Papa together in the early days of their marriage before kids. Love what you’ve given us in the Christmas book! I just finished it.

  2. Both please 😀
    Congrats on the release! Can’t wait to read it, but will have to wait till after work!

  3. Happy Release Day, Melissa! I voted for Joey alone because I think she’ll divulge more information without eavesdroppers. But it would be funny if the interview got interrupted because the fellas were rough-housing as they usually do, lol.

  4. Happy, Happy Release Day!!! I would love to see Papa & Joey together. Just like the Santini Brothers have awesome chemistry with their mates, I know the ones who started it all would be a great interview!!!

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