An Almost First Kiss - Melissa Schroeder

An Almost First Kiss

Here is an unedited little bit of Papa and Joey, who are now on preorder for .99 (regular price will be 2.99)



Again, he was quiet. Then he leaned forward and brushed his thumb over her bottom lip. She couldn’t fight the shiver that stole through her, or the heat it left behind.

“Some day maybe you’ll believe me that you don’t always need to deal with the tough times alone.” Then he dropped his hand. “Go on up the stairs so I can tell Thelma you made it upstairs okay.”

She couldn’t really come up with a response to that, so she turned and did as he suggested. Unlocking the door, she looked down at Santini.

“You can go now.”

It was dark but she could see him smile, and knew those damned dimples were flashing at her. “As soon as you lock the door, I will be on my way.”

She didn’t even respond to that. She slipped through the door then shut it behind her.

“Goodnight, Joey,” he said, just loud enough to allow his voice to drift up to her. She didn’t respond. She couldn’t. She thought for sure he had planned on making a play for her, even if he just tried to kiss her. But he didn’t.

And now she wanted to know why—and that bothered her more than anything else.

She pushed away from the door and was about to go jump in the shower when she heard the whistling. And of course, it was The Halls of Montezuma. She rolled her eyes and chuckled to herself.

“Damn Marine.”


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