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Poking My Head Out

WOW, it has been a crazy couple of weeks. We ran up to Virginia and found a place to build a house, I released Gianni, and now I am about to release Vicente.

First, let me tell everyone how grateful I am for all the support this month for my Santinis. I have cracked into some of the important lists on Amazon which is a first for me. When I came up with the idea, I hoped people would like them. I thought I would answer some questions about the books.

1. Yes, there will be a story for Joey and Papa. This November I will release A Santini Christmas. It will tell the story of our couple meeting all those years ago. It will also give readers a glimpse of how our four couples are faring.

2. Oh, those Johnson brothers. Yes, they will be coming out also. MJ’s brothers will be coming out later one in a three book series. You’ve met Jack and you will get to meet Jesse in Vicente’s book. Look for a cover reveal in the near future.

3. The print anthology will be out on or before July 1st. I am about to get them ready for formatting and hope to have it out sooner rather than later.

Now onto Harmless stuff. A Little Harmless Ride is on its way. Early July, the book will release, but there is also another little fun release before it. I am going to be releasing a compilation of Harmless Shorts all together. The plan is to include an Addicts Guide to Harmless with it. Because of the irritation to get things for free on Nook and Kindle, I am just going to list it everywhere for .99. I know that some of the books are already out, but there will be new stories to follow up on Addiction, Submission, Fascination and a new short for Fantasy.

I am also going to start doing Ask Mel sessions on my Facebook Fanpage periodically. I won’t have anything set, but when I have a day or two like I do right now, I will pop up and tell you to ask away.

I think that’s it for right now. I will post here as soon as Vicente goes live!


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