Gianni is a talker - Melissa Schroeder

Gianni is a talker

Another little taste of Gianni, unedited. I can’t wait for y’all to read the whole thing! Remember Leo and Marco are out now and check out the Santinis’ Page for more info on all of them!


She barely noticed that he’d slipped his hands to the sash of her robe. It parted revealing some of her skin. She had been a little lazy and only pulled on a pair of panties. Kianna thought he would pull it all off. Men usually went for all or nothing. Instead, he let it hang showing a hint of her breasts and belly.

“Do you?” he whispered. “Do you see what I see when I look at you? Women rarely do.”

She shook her head, her gaze still on his hands. His fingers were long and tanned, skimming over her flesh.

“I see a beautiful woman, in spirit and in deed. That makes the beauty on the outside more stunning.”

He trailed one finger down her stomach all the way to her sex.

“I couldn’t think of anything but getting back here to touch you.”

He nibbled on her earlobe, his tongue darting out over it before he bit down.

“Taste you.”


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  1. Oh I can’t wait! As soon as it comes out I’ll be reading it and won’t put down til I finish.. I was like that with the first two! Love this Series!

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