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Gee and Kianna’s Music

Okay, I had one already, but why not a twofer on this second Santini weekend in May?

I have been featuring the songs for the women, but for some reason, this is the one I just have to share with Gee and Kianna. Kianna had a few songs, but when editing the love scenes, I found this song. I just fell in love with it, and I am sure it will be featured in most of my writing soundtracks in the coming months. I will probably post about Kianna’s music later this week.

These books are borderline erotic, but I wouldn’t put them fully in erotica or erotic romance (although I am forced to list it as such in certain places). But, for some reason, Gee’s book is a little more…I guess sensual is the word. There is something about the youngest Santini and the way he is with Kianna. It might be his age, but I think it is more the man and  his own reason for being. He was the “surprise” baby, so I think maybe some of that is in his makeup. It’s been very special to watch the way he seduces Kianna constantly with his words and actions. The man has a mouth on his that’s for sure.

This is from the show Nashville and I couldn’t find an official video. They need to make one, and soon.


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