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Chrysta Wilson’s Lemon Pound Cake

So, a few months ago, I realized I had left out a big part of my cooking experience. I had moved away from baking sweets. I have never really been good about baking. It took time and it took patience. Both, all of you dear readers, know I have little of. Still, I wanted to get back to baking. Not that we needed more sugar in our diets, but I wanted to move away from so much processed crap. Don’t get me wrong. I like processed crap, but I thought I should make an effort to at least cut back on it. The one place we had a lot of that was sweets.

I had some cookbooks, but I knew I needed more and I put out a call on FB about it. My niece, Marisa, is an amazing baker. I often think she needs to open up a bakery and it needs to be near me. If I can have free cupcakes for life, I might be willing to give her the startup capital. One of the books she suggested was Kiss My Bundt by Chrysta Wilson. I LOVE IT. Just love it. So many unique bundt cakes. She has a bakery that specializes in bundts  and has classes, so yes, it is my mission in life to go there. Or one of my missions in life. So, for my first try I did Lemon Pound Cake.

I agree with Chrysta: there is no better way to cook a pound cake than in a bundt pan. It turned out amazing. Because I still can’t get a decent answer on the copyright issues, I will post pictures with a list of ingredients until SOMEONE can tell me. Most of my recipes are my own, but this one was lifted straight out of the book.

eggs, butter, flour, salt vanilla, lemons, whole milk, baking soda, sugar and sour cream
eggs, butter, flour, salt vanilla, lemons, whole milk, baking soda, sugar and sour cream

First, ya beat your butter:


Beat the butter then add the eggs
Beat the butter then add the eggs

IMG_1222 Shift the flour, salt and baking soda together

Lemon juice, sour cream and zest together


Then mix it all together and pour into the pan. This is my new bundt pan from Nordic and I LOVE IT.


Bake in oven and hopefully it looks like this when done



TADAAAAAAA! I used the lemon glaze she has in the book. EASY PEASY even for a baking goof like me!

IMG_1234Next week I will be sharing my Chocolate and Toffee chip cookies. Well, I will share my experiment, since I am adapting a recipe. Now go forth, buy the book and make bundt cakes.



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