DOH: Rory and Zeke - Melissa Schroeder

DOH: Rory and Zeke

I have only written one other MMF and that was The Last Detail, and it was then that it hit me that A Little Harmless Fantasy had to be an MMF. That is when Rory came into my life.

NEWALHFantasy600x900I find it super sexy to write bisexual men. These two had everything I like in a hero. They are alphas, confident, and man, they like to do each other, lol. Their love for each other kind of overwhelmed me for awhile. Their intense feelings were off the charts. And again, it is an off again/on again relationship. They have known each other for years. One thing I found interesting was that Rory was only a Dom with women. I didn’t plan that, it came out when I was writing his character:)

Here is a snippet that shows that these guys really are in a long-term relationship:



And that chaffed at Rory. He knew they both had secrets, but, still…it rankled him.

“I don’t know,” Zee admitted. “You don’t understand her very well.”

“How do you know that?”

“If you did, you wouldn’t be so flippant about this. Bloody hell, anyone who knows Maura well knows she wouldn’t handle this.”


Zee shot him a look, but said, “She doesn’t like change. You’ve seen how she is at the office. She doesn’t live in the moment. She likes everything to go as planned. She probably planned on hooking her brother and Jillian up.”

He filed that bit of information away. “Maybe she’s at a point that she wants to make a change.”

“And what about when we get back, working with each other every day.”

Rory shrugged. “I don’t think that will matter.”

“Of course you don’t,” Zee said, his voice sounding weary. “You never think about the consequences of your actions.”

Annoyance had his gut tightening, along with a healthy dose of worry. And that aggravated him even more. He had never really worried about the consequences of his personal life and now Zee had him worrying. Dammit.

“Don’t make me sound like a shit. I might make a few mistakes here and there—”

“You mean the mistake like in Tokyo where I almost got my bloody head blown off.”

“That was five fucking years ago. I can’t believe you’re bringing that up.”


I think that little bit let’s you know that these men have a long relationship, not just a one night stand kind of thing.

So, if you read menages, what are your favorite kinds? Do you prefer if the guys are or aren’t involved? Answer in the comments for the chance for a 10.00 GC from your favorite online bookseller.


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21 Comments on “DOH: Rory and Zeke

  1. I prefer to read M/F/M, but I really loved “A Little Harmless Fantasy”, very different from what I read before, also that is part of the series I have come to love so much.

  2. I like to read MMF menage, especially when it is a true menage and the men love each other, too! In order for a menage to really work, there would have to be love, support and physical attraction between them all!

  3. Either MFM or MMF. I very much prefer it if the guys are involved as well. It makes for some very yummy reading!

  4. I have always read M/F/M, but I think my only issue with menages are that I always feel that someone will be left out. Luckily, all off Mel’s stories have showed real emotion and feelings between all that are involved. No one is left out.

  5. at one point I thought I wouldn’t like MMF but turns out that I do. While I like the idea of all the focus being on the woman I think that it’s a more balanced relationship if everyone is emotionally invested and likely cuts down on the jealousy when one man thinks she’s spending more solo time with the other.

  6. I enjoy reading MFM & MMF… seeing how each relationship exists among those involved works well together.

  7. Before reading Fantasy I would have said I prefer MFM, but reading Fantasy changed my mind, because are so many aspects to the relationships in this book. I love the way Rory and Zeke are together.

  8. I like to read any variation of a menage story. But my favorite is M/M/F. I like all 3 getting some action 🙂

  9. I prefer m/m/f menage. I find it silly reading menage where the guys go out of their way not to touch

  10. I like reading menages…the more men the better they can be straight or bi.

    rmwyer at shaw dot ca

  11. I don’t have a preference either way. I think it depends on the feeling i get from the characters when i’m reading the story if it works for me or not.

    Lisa B

  12. I agree with Becki Wyer! I like when they all get some action and the more the better but they can be straight or bi doesn’t matter to me. I have a couple authors that do menages that have anywhere from 2 to 7 males involed! Whew, thinking I might like that kind… having all the attention!!!

  13. I love reading both but I love when the guys are involved more because to me it’s a true menage as all three share a connection as opposed to when the guys connect with the woman and not each other!

  14. I love MMF best. I love the idea that everyone loves each other and it’s just sexy to have the men loving on each other.

  15. I prefer that everyone in the menage is involved with each other. I think it adds more depth to the story and the characters.

  16. both mfm and mmf, to me it about the deeper relationship when they are comfortable with love each other completely. I think two guys making love just hot and the woman and very steamy.

  17. I like MMF & MFM each one has it’s own pleasure to read. MMF is great to watch two guys who are in love with each other and have no problem showing it.

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