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As many of my readers know I have to have music to write. It is as important to me as my computer. Okay, well almost as important. Each book I write has it’s own soundtrack and of course, A Little Harmless Fantasy was no different. There is a love song for all of them:

LOVE SONG Come Over-Kenny Chesney- Kenny has been featured in almost all of my soundtracks. When I heard it, I knew it would be their love song.

Maura’s song – this is the main song that came to me for Maura. I played this over and over during the scene where is fighting. She just refused to give up and I love that about her.

Eminem-‘Till I Collapse

Zeke’s Song

One of those Nights-Tim McGraw-yeah, kind of odd, maybe. But…there is something so smooth and easy about McGraw’s voice and it fits Zeke’s personality. He is the calm in the storm that both Rory and Maura create.

Rory’s Song-this has inspired a few of my heroes, but I think this is probably the best fit for this song.

Elton John-I Want Love

They guys have to suck it up in the last scene song:

Hold On-Michael Buble


So, you tell me: do you like to see the playlist for books? Answer in the comments and your name goes in the hat for a signed Harmless book and swag pack!


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22 Comments on “DOH: MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC

  1. I don’t particularly care about playlists for books. I usually have my own soundtrack going through my head when I’m reading.

    rmwyer at shaw dot ca

  2. I like to see the playlists, it lets me get in the head of the author and sometimes glean what they were feeling or thinking while they were writing a particular scene.

  3. I like to hear the soundtrack for books, paints a better feel of the mood the author is trying to convey, also find artists that otherwise I would not find otherwise.

  4. I’m with Becky on this one. I have my own soundtrack going on in the back of my head when I read. If I know the authors it is sometimes distracting.

  5. I do like knowing the playlist and finding out what an author listened to when writing the book.

  6. Love a playlist with a book. I ususally download them to my Ipod and listen while I read. It lets me enjoy the storey on a whole other level. Lauren Dane is great for playlists, too!

  7. I love playlist! They give me some new music and they put me in a zone when reading the book.

  8. I love having a playlist with a book, like a soundtrack. I have one playlist with the exact scenes the songs belong to and every time I hear the song, the scene in the book comes to mind, though those are special songs/scenes that get to me. I do have to say, that particular author has my taste in music.
    I do however not listen to music while I read, I find that to distracting.

  9. I like to see what the author is thinking but I would tend to fit in my own sound track when I’m reading. 🙂

  10. Yes, I do because some of the songs that authors used convey the emotions that the characters are feeling and I can easily identified with those emotions!

  11. I love playlists and I think all authors who listen to music and use it to define character should also list the playlist at the end of the book or in with the table of contents!!!! That way we have a chance to listen or have the option to go find and download!!! That would be so cool!!!

  12. I like to see them and check them out and if i like them i might just be buying some music. lol If they don’t work for me i listen once to find that out and move on.

    Lisa B

  13. OMG, Melissa!!!!! Every single one of those songs is either on my computer or ipod!!!!! I love having music in the background even though if you ask me whats playing I probably couldn’t tell you as I tune everything out so it becomes white noise to me!!!

  14. I love playlists for books because it adds depth not only to the characters but the story as well!

  15. love seeing your play list give me your feel for the character and bring them to life with the songs

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