Sexy Saturday: A Two Cover Reveal Day! - Melissa Schroeder

Sexy Saturday: A Two Cover Reveal Day!

So, I have two very gorgeous covers to share with you today!I am so excited by this cover and this book! This is the next By Blood book, Seduction by Blood and will feature Lady Diana and Malik. The cover was done by Kendra Egert and I believe she has done it again!

I loved the cover that was first done for A Little Harmless Ride, but the book is going to be featured on the August 2013 RT cover. I felt I needed something more colorful than I had before. The last one was gorgeous but it was a touch of the old cover. When my old friend Scott Carpenter told me he could work with me again, I went to him to work it over. I believe the result is FANTASTIC! This is Eli St John’s book which is our first Harmless cowboy and our first trip to the Big Island. The release is in July:)


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15 Comments on “Sexy Saturday: A Two Cover Reveal Day!

  1. I love them. I particularly like the cover for “Seduction by Blood” because teal green is my favorite color. Silly me, I’m judging the book by it’s cover again lol.

  2. I love love love both covers… You and your book artist have out done themselves… Two thumbs up on both covers. Waiting patiently for these two reads… Thanks for sharing them Melissa 😉

  3. WOW,double Wow!The covers are gorgeous Scott Carpenter and Kendra Egert.
    Can’t wait until they come out so I can get lost in thier covers.

  4. I love them both but I must agree with Becki Wyer (on the Seduction by Blood cover)that the teal really makes it stand out and I just love the shade!!!!
    You have outdone yourself Melissa with the covers for your stories!!!!!! Now I can’t wait for them to come out…………..

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