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There is so much news popping up right now. I thought it would be a slow time as I worked through the last of ALH Fantasy, but of course, whenever I think that, things start going crazy!

First, just in case you did not know, I have started up to series pages on Facebook. The Cursed Clan and The Harmless Series now have dedicated pages. Like them so you can keep up on all the news!

I am moving forward on the audiobook for Callum! I have picked a narrator and he is going to get started after Christmas. I am so

excited. I have never had one of my books put in audio, so it is something new for me. If it works well, look for Desire by Blood soon after it. I am trying to decide what to do with the Harmless books, but I will probably wait. I don’t have the audio rights to the first five books, so I would have to start in midstream. I will post as soon as I come to a decision for that.

Remember, look for prequel to A Little Harmless Fantasy: Prelude to a Fantasy coming up in a few weeks! Then, ALH Fantasy after that. And after the new year, there will be a huge Harmless announcement!



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  1. I’ve never listed to audio books before. However, Desire By Blood read by a man with an English accent might get me to change my mind about it.

  2. Awesome News and I would love for the Harmless series to go audio they are Hot just reading them I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have it read to me…;)

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