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The Jeep Diva Military Blog Hop

YAY! Vanessa is having her first blog hop and I am so excited to be a member of it. As some of you know, I am a military wife and spun off the Harmless books into a military series called A Little Harmless Military Romance. I have released three so far: Infatuation, Possession and Surrender.  They can also be found in one big print volume all together.

Up for grabs, a signed special CONVENTION COVER print of A Little Harmless Military Romance. Tell me in the comments what is your favorite kind of military guy. Is he a top gun fighter pilot, Navy Seal, or maybe a parachute jumper? Let me know and your name goes in that hat!











To prove her love and save her man, she has to go above and beyond the call of duty.

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Loving a military man isn’t always easy and sometimes living with him is impossible.

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To claim the woman he loves, he will have to be the Dom she desires.


Here is a little bit of my BOOKIE NOMINATED book Surrender and you can read the first chapter on the website.

She brushed that thought aside and dropped the first of the scallops into the pan. She had let the oil get too hot and it popped up onto her hand.


Mal grabbed it. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just a little burn, nothing big.”

He pulled her over to the sink. “You should be more careful.”

His brow was furrowed as he studied her flesh before turning on the cold water and thrusting her hand under it.

“Mal, it’s okay.”

He looked up at her, and she realized that she was only inches away from him.


He didn’t finish. She didn’t blame him. Her brain wasn’t working too well, either. She could smell that unique musky scent of him as she drew in a big breath. Her breast brushed against his arm, and he shuddered.

He dropped her hand like she had a disease then turned off the water.

“You should put some cream on that hand.”

Her body was still throbbing, her nipples tightened almost to the point of pain, and he was asking her to do something. Her brain would just not allow it. Not right now. It seemed to have stalled on the way his fingers had felt gliding over hers as he’d slipped her hand under the water.

She grabbed a towel and pressed it against her skin. She didn’t really think she needed first aid cream, but she did need space.

“Could you keep an eye on those scallops. Turn down the heat to low while I get some cream.”

He nodded and stepped out of her way. By the time she reached the bathroom, her heart was almost beating normally again. She closed the door, then leaned back against it. Holy mother of God. What the hell was that? She’d had a crush on him that she’d kept under wraps for a while. Mal was a military man, and since she’d lost her husband, she had made sure that she’d steered clear of them. It wasn’t something she ever wanted to go through again.

She pulled herself together and pushed away from the door, rummaging through her medicine cabinet to find the cream. She shut the mirrored door and looked up at herself. Her face was flushed, and she could even see her pulse fluttering in her neck.

Dammit! She needed to keep away from him from now on.

But even the thought had her heart breaking. She couldn’t think of being far away from him even if she wasn’t romantically involved with him. She knew women who liked the thrill and would jump from military man to military man. Some even specialized in career fields like pilots or Seals. She had never been that kind of woman. In fact, even with her husband, she had avoided it.  Kyle had been military through and through, and not in the best of ways. To this day, she hadn’t told a soul about what she had discovered while he had been away on that last mission. She had been too embarrassed. After that experience, she wanted nothing to do with military in the romantic way. It was hard to avoid altogether when she still had two active duty brothers and a retired general father.

She splashed some water on her face and then blotted it dry. This was just one night, one dinner. She owed Mal this home cooked meal after all he had done for her. She could get through this night and then maybe all this sexual tension she felt would disappear.

She opened the door and walked down the hall. When she turned the corner into the kitchen, the scene caught her completely off guard. Mal was standing at the stove, expertly flipping over the scallops. It shouldn’t turn her on so much, but seeing him do something so mundane, so…normal, was arousing. He glanced at her and smiled, and her stomach didn’t just quiver, it did a somersault.

Oh, mama, she was in trouble.


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28 Comments on “The Jeep Diva Military Blog Hop

  1. Aloha, Melissa! Mahalo to your ohana for their service! I offer you a Hawaiian proverb:

    Kihe ka ihu i ka ‘ale.

    “One who sneezes when the spray from the surf rises at the bow of the canoe.”

    Said of one who braves danger with indifference.

  2. Marine wife here, so I love my Marines! When reading though, I also like many of the stories of Black ops & post military career adventures!

  3. I honestly just love them all. I don’t really care for military where the hero suffers mental anguish after the war and he is healing. I prefer the romance part of it.

    Michelle Kelly
    another_look_book_reviews at hotmail dot ca

  4. SO many wonderful military heroes out there! Bless them all! MY fav in books…the special ops guys.

  5. I love everything to do with the Military…I grew up a Navy Brat and Joined the Army and I have Marines in my family as well but I guess my Favorites are the Navy Seals and the Special Operations Guys!!!!!! Keep your books coming they are awesome

  6. I am an Air Force Wife and an Army Mom! I LOVE both my soldiers and all those who serve and protect our country!

  7. Oops didn’t realize my name was spelled incorrectly! Darn auto correct on my iPhone! But I am the Air Force Wife & Army Mom!

  8. As a Marine mom and wife of a Vietnam veteran I support them all. No bias here 🙂 Love your books!!!!!

  9. I love the marines…there’s just something about them I can’t resist.
    rmwyer at shaw dot ca

  10. I’ve always been drawn to stories about SEALs – very rugged & skilled guys & they look great in that white dress uniform!
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  11. Love them all and proud of everyone who serves! My favorite kind of guy would be Navy Seals! Thanks for the chance to win a great read.
    kacidesigns AT yahoo DOT com

  12. I am going to go with an Army man since the majority of my family is either currently serving or retired from the Army


  13. Men and women of all five branches of the military are heros so you can’t go wrong with a story about any of them.


  14. Hello Mel,

    Thanks for sharing some of your insight on military men. I love the confidence, loyalty, the loving caring spirit and heart, determination, honesty, and protectiveness they have. They also seem to look yummy and hot in their uniforms. (lol) I tend to lend more toward Marines and Spec Ops.

    This is another blog hop that is fun! Thanks for the opportunity.

    Belinda G

  15. Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to enter if it’s internatonal, and I’m not sure but I do really like pilots.


  16. Awesome, Mel! I can’t play favorites with military heroes–they each have unique strengths and have the courage to step up and serve. They’re all winners in my book!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  17. I love all military types. I’m big into reading about SEALS and army and many others. Thanks for being a part of the hop!
    jessangil at gmail dot com

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