Jason's Salvation is here!!!! - Melissa Schroeder

Jason’s Salvation is here!!!!

It has been a year since my alter ego, Kiera West had a release. Now, you get Jason’s story! For those of you who want to buy it on outlets it won’t be out for about 6 weeks or so. You can send it to your kindle from Bookstrand. If you want a chance at winning at 25 dollar GC, hope on over to Kiera’s Blog.




Jason has always been the quiet Dillon, and has grown more so after recent events. In one of the attacks, he was knocked unconscious, and now he is having memory lapses. He wakes up in odd places with no memory of how he got there.

Eve knows that something is bothering Jason. The once kind and gentle man has grown more distant. Worse, he refuses to stay with her overnight. She had grown used to his dry sense of humor and even come to appreciate. It is one of the things that helped her fall so completely in love with him.

With danger closing in on them, she pushes things a little too far, and the result could change the pack forever.

NOTE! You are purchasing Siren’s newest serialized imprint, the LoveXtreme Forever Series. This is the sixth book in the Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska collection. These books are not stand alone and must be read in the numbered order. Each book may end on a cliffhanger but usually with a happy-for-now for the heroine and one or more men. The final book contains a happily forever after for the heroine and all her men.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among cousins.

A Siren Erotic Romance


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