And the Beat Goes On - Melissa Schroeder

And the Beat Goes On

While I am not releasing as books as fast as I planned, I am working hard. I have to teach part of my day and hit my 3K writing goal six days a week. I am finishing up edits on my next Kiera West book which is coming out in October. Then, I get to dive back into A Little Harmless Fantasy.

I am not sure what is going with this book, but it is really moving along. PLUS, these three are pushing my abilities and my comfort zones. I have always been very open that I write what I consider light or lighter BDSM. But…Rory is bad, and I think parts of this book will surprise people.

I am really loving all their relationships. You have several different ones and on so many different levels, that is a challenge to make sure I am giving each one equal time. And one particular relationship I am enjoying particularly is between Rory and Zeke. These guys are tough guys, the kind that can kill you without breaking a sweat. But, the feelings they have for each other are just killing me. They have a long history together and getting beneath their skin and learning about it is almost heart breaking. And, I can’t wait to give them all their HEA.


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  1. I do love love me some Bad Boys and Rory sounds like he is going to be the BEST!!!! I can’t wait to read and meet him in this book. Thanks Melissa for writing a great series that just gets better with each book!!!!

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