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Some admin stuff…

Hey there its Brandy. I’m popping on Mel’s blog to put a couple of things out.

First up, its July. Yeah crazy that half the year is already over. And yes I’m sure you’re like “We know its July Brandy. Why are you telling us?” Well that’s because July bring a couple of changes to the blog.

Mel is in the process of updating her website with a brand new look and the blog will be rolled into it. With the changes taking effect in the next couple of months we decided there would be no scheduled guest bloggers for a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if one pops up now and then but I will not be actively looking for or scheduling guest authors or bloggers.

Also now that its July, I’m moving at the end of the month. I’m heading from CO to WA. Since I’m Mel’s PA and I handle guest bloggers and reviewers and a more, those things will be placed on hiatus. Once I’m settled in my new hacienda we’ll see where things stand and decide what will be picked back up.

You may have noticed I said reviewers in that last part. While we love sending books out for review there has been a change in how reviews are being seen especially on Amazon. You may have noticed the new term on reviews: Amazon Verified Purchase.  What that means is the person who reviewed the book, bought the book. It wasn’t given to them by the author or whomever (review site) and they aren’t part of a Street Team (a group of people basically on the author’s side and destined to give a good review). We will still be sending books for review at some point but Mel and I need to sit down and discuss how to handle it.

That’s about it for now. I’m sure I had more to say and let you all in on but I got distracted by the show I’m watching. lol

Hope you have a great day. Oh and if you have any questions for me shoot me an email at either or


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  1. Since I’ve been back from my month of traveling across the US I’ve learned about this Amazon new policy. Really ticks me off! Although, I understand there are some reviewers who aren’t quite honest for the sake of their cause, or er, author.

    I realize now we have to add that little ‘inclusion’ about how we got the book and that we aren’t being ‘paid’ for the review.

    The good thing is that we can still review on our blogs and Goodreads (or other book websites). My concern is that Amazon should not pull/delete reviews that have already been published there prior to this policy change.

    It isn’t fair to the authors and it isn’t fair to those of us who took time to enjoy the book and write an honest review.

    [Off soap box now] Good luck with the move!!

  2. I agree and we are just revamping it. I am also looking at using netgalley for certain books.
    With my health I could not handle Brandy’s part of the business on this. I am hoping that at least for Desire by Blood, we can get it out to people, but it all depends on our personal lives.

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