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Independence Day CONTEST

Hey, everyone!! I hope all the US folks are busy having fun today. It is so hot here in Alabama we are not going anywhere. I am actually going to be spending time in England with my vamps from By Blood.  Since it is the birthday of our country, I thought we could have a little contest. Something easy and all you have to do is answer in the comments below.
What is up for grabs? How about a 25$ GC to AReAmazon or Barnes and Noble? Oh and two runners’ up will get a bookmark from my friend Heather Long and myself. (psst she just had a military release also!)

Aren’t they pretty?

So, since it is kind of a patriotic holiday, how about we talk about military heroes? I just had Surrender release, and before Feb, I plan on having two more military romances out so I am feeling all military. So, tell me, what is it that gets you all hot about military heroes and their romances? Easy Peasy. I will pick a name FRIDAY  the 6th at 8 AM US CENTRAL TIME

And don’t forget to check out Malachai’s book, Surrender, now in digital!


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  1. I love their sense of loyalty and passion. When military men are commited to their purpose whether it country or love they do it with all they are. When I lost my grandfather who is a marine, because they are always a marine, and my father in law who was in the air force loved family and country. I will never forget how they looked at their spouses and saluted the flag at every event. I still salute the vfw post poppy did every time we pass. Michelle Kaan Patchogue NY

  2. I love a military man’s control and discipline. I can’t expect a man to control me if he can’t control himself. Happy 4th of July to all of my American brothers and sisters.

  3. i love the sense of strength and their vunerablity to love a woman. As a veteran and a spouse of a veteran, I am always looking for books that are written with a military hero or heroine. They give so much to defend our freedom and that makes them a hero in my book. As we celebrate the birth of our country this 4th of July, I say thank you to all who have, who are, and who will serve our country. Thank you for my freedom to do what I want and so much more! (especially my “smut” books as my kids say!) Thank you to you, Melissa, for giving us your stories and allowing us to be apart of you!

  4. I love reading about military heroes. They are so alpha. They have a lot of discipline. Happy 4th of July everyone!

  5. Their alpha-ness is the first thing that comes to mind. Next is their willingness to protect their family. The family being by blood, marriage, and their military family.

  6. They are just SEXY in one package! They have the bodies that they keep fit, they keep their minds sharp, and they tend to want a woman who can stand up for herself & take care of her man (while letting him THINK he is doing all the taking care of!) It is just the inner strength that keeps me intrigued! Oh and did I mention they are SEXY… Oops, I think I did… LOL

  7. I love a military man and I married him 35 years ago 😀

    Military guys are sexy and fit and generally tend to be protective and caring too 😀

  8. Military men and women are heroes in my eyes. Their courage, loyal and willingness to protect is very very admirable. They enable freedom and sense of security.

  9. They are so Alpha. They are committed to protecting us and their country, they are loyal, passionate heroes and heroines.
    Happy 4th!

  10. Whats hot about a military man in romances novels are their loyalty, passion and devotion to their jobs and their women. Its extremely hot when they get Dominating with their women and want their submission. Yet, then they are able to show their gentle and sweet side when its needed. I love me some Alpha Male!!!!

  11. They are strong, take charge, protective, alpha all the way! Their courage and loyalty just add to the total package! The great bodies don’t hurt either!

  12. Happy 4th! Military heroes are one of my favs… love their strength, their courage, their honor, & them being protectors! 🙂

  13. There is nothing hotter than a man with honor and a true military man has that in spades. Also, knowing they earned those muscles ensuring they can stand strong protecting their country? Yumm. Of course, there is the added benefit of seeing an amazing backside look even more amazing when it is in uniform. That is the only reason I don’t mind when my military hubby of 16 years walks out the door for duty!

  14. Congratulations on the book and Happy 4th of July! I think it’s their loyalty and dedication.


  15. Happy 4th of July. Military men make great romance heroes for their bravery, putting their lives on the line for the rest of us.

  16. Melissa,

    Military men have a sense of striving to do the right thing. They are tough, honest, forthright, and loyal to a fault. Once you win the heart of a military man you have it for life. They will move heaven and earth to protect and keep safe the ones they love. You will be cherished and happy. They inspire you to acheive your best.

    Loving a military man, in my opinion, is a little slice of heaven.

    I have all the other Harmless Military books. Just waiting on the next one which is…Surrender! – I want it! 🙂 Sooo.. I’ll be waiting for the e-mail Melissa… LOL

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  17. There uniform and their. Sacrifice for ournfreedom and their heart and bravery
    Peace out

  18. I love reading about military men because they are just so heroic. They are generally very Alpha, strong, intelligent, confident. They will do the right thing and whatever it takes to protect others. They are just plain sexy!!!

    Hope you had a great 4th of July

  19. Military heroes are alpha males who have loyalty, strength, honor, and so much more that makes me turn the pages. They are so sexy to read.

  20. I love their discipline. And on a complete shallow level, I love the way they look in uniform. I love that they are so brave and selfless.

  21. Military heroes are the ultimate alphas. Strong in body and heart, protective, loyal, determined to accomplish any task,sexy and passionate. And the fun part is that you can knock them over with a feather once love comes around.

  22. ALPHA! Most Military heros seem to be alpha. They are strong, proud and stand for what they believe in. They can also be sweet and sensative and compassionate. Thanks to all our military for everything they do for us.

  23. I love a military man’s sense of honor, loyalty, passion, sexy bodies and their protectiveness to protect all they hold dear and the ones they love. Please enter me in contest.

  24. I come from a military family. I have always thought that people that serve in the military seem so controlled and mature. I love it in novels when the military characters turns all of their intensity on one lucky person! jepebATverizonDOTnet

  25. I hope you had a wonderful, cool 4th. Gorgeous covers! I love military books for the alpha males as well as the emotional journeys they take. They are passionate, brave, protective, sexy, loyal, but closed off and guarded. I really enjoy reading how the author gets the heroines to open those heroes hearts.
    Thank you for the fabulous giveaway. 😀

  26. I come from a long line of military men in my family. I even married a man from the Air Force. Even more recently….My oldest son is Illinois Air Guard. Very Proud Mom here!!!

    One thing I love about reading about military men is that they have a code and honor that they live by. Their love is amazingly strong.

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  27. For me, it’s all about their ability to be vulnerable. Military tends to make you harder, tougher, and able to go those long months overseas or in impossible jobs. You have to maintain a certain control over yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. Romance carves away that control and let’s these heroes be vulnerable to another person-and hopefully the right person. It’s watching that tender side be released that does it for me.

  28. I personally love a strong man who saves his soft side for the one he loves. Military men who give up that part of themselves always get me. And the strong body from training doesn’t hurt the fantasy either.

    mrs.missive at gmail dot com

  29. Their courage, loyalty, sense of protection, physical shape,commitment and willingness to sacrifice.

    Thankful everyday for military men and women and their families.

  30. Who doesn’t love a hero? Military men & women are the ultimate hero. They sacrifice their time, energy, and even their lives to make sure we have the freedoms that we do.

  31. The hard exterior with a soft interior. The courage and bravery they display along with that occasional peek into their softer side. Not to mention the rock hard bodies.

  32. Military men are sexy and have the complete package that women desire. Seeing a man in uniform is the sexiest image there is. The control they show in any situation is hot.

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