New Release: Kayley Scott - Melissa Schroeder

New Release: Kayley Scott

New author Kayley Scott’s first release is out now. It is werewolves and military men and all m/m!

A Werewolf’s Soldier
A Werewolf’s Soldier, Warwolves: Book One, by Kayley Scott
War brought them together, but Tuck’s secret could tear them apart.
Sergeant Joshua Tanner has always been drawn to danger. After multiple tours of service, first in Iraq and now in Afghanistan, he has developed a reputation as one of the Army’s finest soldiers. But when his latest mission leaves him wounded behind enemy lines in the deadly Korengal Valley, his only chance for survival lies with a mysterious and sexy stranger.
On a top secret mission, the werewolf Tuck may have finally found the mate he has spent twelve years searching for. Josh is beautiful and fearless but completely unaware of the horrors that lurk in the dark places of the world. As a member of the US Military’s Warwolves unit, Tuck and his kind secretly hunt down the supernatural terrors that threaten humankind.
When an ancient monster rises in the forest, the hunter becomes the hunted. To save their lives, Tuck is forced to expose Josh to the beast hidden inside him and risk losing the love of his life.
“Tuck, wait.” Josh looked up the mountainside as he spoke, as if he was searching for something.
After a quick survey of their surroundings, Tuck settled himself onto a large rock. “Of course, we’ve been pushing hard, and I can’t pick up a trace of anyone pursuing us. You should rest.”
“You can smell if they’re following us?” There was a sense of wonder in his words.
Putting his finger to his nose, Tuck smiled. “Nose of a bloodhound, and all that. Comes with the package.”
Josh took in a deep breath through his nose as if he was testing the air, and then shook his head. “Okay, I know this is going to sound ungrateful, but why did you save me?” He looked so vulnerable as he spoke, and Tuck could almost feel him steeling himself for an answer he wouldn’t like. “I’ve put the pieces together. You’re Tartarus. They forced us to evacuate so we wouldn’t see you.”
You’ve already put him at risk. Just tell him everything. “I wasn’t a big fan of the name. But the brass is really into pretentious codenames. They call my unit the “Warwolves.” Can you believe that?”
“You didn’t answer my question.”
Tuck sighed. This was harder than he expected. “My mission parameters are unforgiving. No witnesses. Period.”
It hurt to see Josh close his eyes and wince. He looks at me and sees nothing but a beast, a monster straight out of fairy tales.
“We don’t usually work human targets, Josh. Only in special cases.”
Josh nodded and looked back in the direction of the cave. “Yeah, it’s not exactly challenging. But what the fuck are your usual targets? Frankenstein? The Mummy?”
Tuck laughed. “Worse, really. You know all those things that go bump in the night? That’s more our speed.”
Josh’s eyes widened. “Fuck. I was kidding, Tuck. You expect me to believe that there really are monsters lurking under our beds?”
“Sometimes, I guess. But we work pretty hard to keep that from happening.” The sun was starting to move below the tops of the mountains and the air was getting cooler. They would need to find some kind of shelter if Josh was going to stay warm. A fire would be too risky.
“So, what, you’re like Buffy the Vampire Slayer?”
“Not exactly.” Tuck rose to his feet and paced back and forth. “Josh, you were dying. I looked down and saw you, and I couldn’t leave you there. When I looked into your eyes, I couldn’t let you go. So, I did the only thing I could to save you.”
“What the hell did you give me? I’m not even sore anymore.” Josh stared at him expectantly.
“You have to understand, Josh. If I hadn’t given it to you, you’d be dead right now. It wasn’t something I would have done lightly.” Tuck fumbled with the words. He had no out. He just had to say them. “I gave you my blood.”
“You did what?” Josh’s face went white. “Oh shit, am I going to become a werewolf? Is that why I felt so weird? Holy shit.”
Tuck couldn’t help it. A deep roar of laughter erupted from deep inside him. “Become a werewolf?” He sputtered the words with tears pooling in his eyes. “You should see your face.” Resting his hand on Josh’s shoulder, he stared into his eyes. “I swear, Josh. You are completely safe. Despite all those horrible movies, this isn’t something you can catch.”
Tuck delighted in the smile that crept over Josh. “Well, it’s a reasonable fear for fuck’s sake. I just found out that I drank werewolf blood. Hell, I just found out werewolves exist.”
“That’s not the only thing you drank from me, Josh.” For a moment they shared a look that erased all the fear and confusion of the last six hours. But then it was gone.


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