Military Week: Cat Johnson - Melissa Schroeder

Military Week: Cat Johnson

I get asked the same question a lot—why did I start writing military romance? The answer is easy. I loved reading military romance. Suzanne Brockmann and Alison Kent were fixtures on my keeper shelf, so when I got my first romance contract in 2006, I asked my then editor, if I tried my hand at a military romance would she be interested? Her answer was yes.
That was the birth of the Red, Hot, & Blue series, currently releasing with Samhain Publishing. It started out with a team of SpecOps, but as I began researching the details for those first stories and came in contact with actual deployed troops, my ideas and story began to focus more on the tankers, the infantry, the boots on the ground. And as the war changed, the hot spots moving from Ramadi, Iraq to the border provinces in the mountains separating Pakistan from Afghanistan, so did my settings change to reflect the reality.  Reading through my series from book 1 the reader will notice the shifts—from the elite BlackOps, to the soldiers dodging snipers in Ramadi, to the slight side turn the series takes when I focus on the hometown and the family members of some of the military heroes, to the eventual move to the new hotspots in Afghanistan.
I hope the readers enjoy the journey as much as I enjoyed getting to know those real life men who inspired the stories.
Cat Johnson
A FEW GOOD MEN (Red, Hot, & Blue Novel) by CAT JOHNSON
eBook release June 19, 2012, PREORDER now from:
Please enjoy the following excerpt from A FEW GOOD MEN
He has met the enemy…but he’s never fought desire like this. 
Deployed in the deadliest place on earth, Army Staff Sergeant John Blake relies on caffeine, adrenaline, years of training and sheer force of will to get through his days. He has no problem with his tank crew passing around a sexy romance novel, but John’s a fighter, not a lover. He’ll pass. Winding up as the author’s accidental pen pal wasn’t in his plan, but there’s something about her sweet, caring emails that has him looking forward to checking his inbox.
Week after week, Maureen Mullen, aka erotic romance writer Summer Winters, has dated one loser after another in a quest to find the last decent man on earth. Now it seems she’s found him—halfway around the world. When it comes to falling for unavailable men, she’s batting a thousand.
Gradually, the emails between the war-hardened warrior and the writer of passionate prose heat up to the point of keeping them up warm and wanting at night. Soon they’re wondering if it’s possible to build something solid out of cyberspace, or if it’s just an emotional mirage that will dissolve in the heat of reality.
Warning: Contains some steamy phone calls from the war zone and one hell of a sexy first meeting between two strangers who are already in love.
Jazzy had been alive when the medevac helicopter took him away, but now that John knew he would be fine, he was pretty sure he wanted to kill him.
John ran his hands over his face. “Why can’t you wait to email her when you get out of here?”
“Because the docs say I can’t leave this hospital bed for almost a week, and then I have to go straight to my bunk and not move for another week except to go to the head. So you have to do it. I can’t be wandering around the MWR. I might collapse and injure myself.” He held a hand to his ribcage and looked pitiful.
“Look. I have no problem calling your wife for you. Hell, I’ll even contact your grandmother and dear old aunt if you want, but I am not emailing your sex-writer pen pal, Summer Winters.” John was sticking to this resolution even though Jazzy was giving him the hurt puppy eyes.
He watched the man in the bed before him shrug and then wince in spite of the large number of painkillers John knew was coursing through his veins. The areas covered with white gauze bandages outnumbered those without, making the concussion and contusions seem worse. But John was well aware that with explosions it was the internal injuries that could kill you, no matter how good or bad the exterior looked.
“That’s okay, sir. It’s not like I got injured following an order you, my superior officer, gave me or anything—oh wait. It is exactly that.” Jazzy couldn’t suppress the grin that crossed his lips.
He was trying guilt now? Dammit, though, it was the truth. Jazzy had been out of that tank and in harm’s way following his order.
John growled, a low rumbling sound of frustration and defeat. “I really hate you right about now. You do know that, don’t you?”
Jazzy smiled wider. “Yes, sir. And might I add you’re not the first superior officer I’ve had say that. So her email address is summer at summer winters dot com. Do you want me to write that down?” Jazzy picked up the pad of paper and pen he kept on his bed so he could write his wife daily.
“No, thank you. I believe I can remember that very complicated address.” John scowled until his lips formed one tight line.
Don’t miss the rest of The Red, Hot, & Blue Series from Samhain Publishing
Available Now:
Red Blooded(a print compilation of the eBooks Trey, Jack and Jimmy)
Coming Soon:
Model Soldier (Book 8)
A Prince Among Men (Book 9)
If you enjoy military romance, comment and tell us why!
Contest: Cat will be giving away to one lucky commenter their choice of the following Red, Hot & Blue series eBooks: Choose from Trey, Jack, Jimmy, Jared, Cole or Bobby. (International entries included)


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  1. I would love Cole. That sounds like a great story. I love military stories because they are sexy, yes its a toughlife but its also for very strong men and women and I like that quality in my heros and heroines.

  2. Who doesn’t love a man in uniform… Ohhhh, besides that! Hmmm… They are strong, have a demanding presence and can control a situation. If the author does the story right, they will capture the true essence of the person within the military uniform and that makes them more attractive that what is on the outside.
    So reading their stories gives us insight into their lives, while hoping that they have that “happy ending” after doing so much for everyone else!!!

  3. I love reading military romance because the hero is strong, sexy and protects others at all cost. They show a vulnerability due to life experiences that make you hope they get a happy ending.

  4. I love military romances because the heroes are true heroes. They protect everyone. They’re always strong and sexy.

  5. I have some military romances waiting for me on my kindle. I am excited to be starting them as I do love our military! A man in uniform…MMMMM! They also have that alpha swagger and willing to protect at all cost. Love it.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  6. I love military romances because of the heroes. They are the cream of the crop as far as romance heroes go. They are brave, loyal, protective and strong. They have an honor code. They don’t look too bad either. 😉

    Geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  7. I enjoy reading military romance books. Who doesn’t love someone in uniform! They’re strong, protective, sexy heroes.


  8. Cole’s story sounds great to me, too! I haven’t read any military romance yet (since I always thought the stories would be too upsetting), but I’m about to start after this week!


  9. A military man that growls…gives me chills! I enjoy reading military romance because a man in uniform is HOT, a man serving his country is HOT!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  10. Military romances have so much going for them: men in uniform, strong women, adventure, strength and danger. I like it all! Sometimes the focus is more on the military families and I don’t mind this. It gives me a chance to see a different side of a military story.


  11. What they do can be very dangerous and that they face that with honor is amazing. They just have an appeal about them and an attitude, strength and sexiness that just draws you to them. You want to be the one they love.

  12. I love military romance because of their intensity. I also have a thing for uniforms (who doesn’t?)!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Kanya 😉

  13. Wow, lots of comments. Thanks to everyone for stopping by.

    I did want to make one comment to the reader who was afraid to read a military romance because they feared it might be upsetting. I can’t speak for all military authors, but I can speak for my books, and I always make sure to straddle the line between keeping the military stuff realistic, but not too upsetting. I know military wives read my books, and live with real fear daily. They don’t need to have it while trying to escape into a romance novel.


  14. Kal, my heroes are the men and women fighting for this country. For over 3 years every month I sent to 10 different soldiers, care packages. Some e-mailed; I received a challenge coin from another,but my most prized possession is a flag carried during a Marine operation in Afghanistan on 10.25.11. It was in a AV-8B Harrier jet , that flew coverage in support of 1462/3rd BN 7th Marines and 2nd Bn 4th Marines in Sangin and Musa Qalah, Afghanistan. The aircraft call sign:22/HOOT 14 Flown by Cap’t Tyler . Sanders “Chicken” . I have a book of cards and letters from many service branches, but the Marines were my favorite- I always picked 4 out of the 10. It was all done through Any Soldier.Com, for those who want to do something for our troops. There is a lot going on over there that is not being televised, because of our president. Many soldiers are getting killed that we are not aware of- so say a prayer that they all be kept safe. For the Marine language on the flight, ask Adam to explain them.

  15. Holy cow! I am behind in this series. I’ve read Trey, Jack and Jimmy. So I’d like to win a copy of Jared, the next book.

    This has been a great celebration!

  16. This has been great learning about all of these books with military characters… no matter what branch they are with I am awed by the strength they have to do what they do. Thanks for sharing!

    greenshamrock AT cox DOT net

  17. I would love Trey these books sound really great read I have yet to read book from you but I have a few of your other books in on my Kindle. I love a great military story because the hero is Sexy Strong and above all else devoted to the woman they love. Melissa

  18. I do enjoy reading about heroines and heroes who put their lives on the line for the rest of us.
    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  19. I like these books because the characters are loyal and caring.


  20. I love military romances because they’re such a fabulous reminder of some of the real people who wear the uniform. They deserve HEAs too, and it’s fun to read about those, even if they’re fictional–as always, fiction gives me hope for reality 🙂

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  21. Thanks for all the great comments!

    Suzanne-thank you also for mentioning the support site URL. is a big one. I met my military muses/consultants when sending care packages through, and it was some of the ones who sent me thank you notes who are still my best friends today. I know people also send support through SoldiersAngels but I have no personal experience with that org. I have received a few challenge coins from troops but I never got a flag! That sounds amazing and is something you’ll treasure always, I’m sure.


  22. Oh I love reading these books because the men are gorgeous, alpha, brave loyal, have a dominant persona, can take care of you and passionate.

    Thanks for this giveaway!


  23. I love reading military romances because the heroes are these brave, tough men who go through unimaginable things. Some come back whole, others not so much. A lot of them are heavily burden by guilt and feeling unworthy of love. Then there’s that one female who turns their world upside down and shows them that sometimes they don’t have to be so tough and that they are more than worthy. I have my own hero and he claims I’m the only thing that has kept him sane throughout his time in. I can’t get a better compliment than that.


  24. I love military romances because the heroes are true heroes. They protect everyone and they’re usually hot and sexy too.

    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

  25. At the heart of it, its the character of the men and women who serve that is just so fascinating.

    Loyalty, perserverence, courage, smarts, strength, it’s a whole package. These are the kind of people you want to be beside in a dangerous situation, both in active duty and stateside.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com
    cathy m

  26. This would be a new series for me. I loved the sneak peak and have now added all 6 books to my wishlist. Thanks for the giveaway.


  27. Love the alpha males and the feisty women who stand right with them. I think I really need to read Cole. Thanks for posting!

    cdkros (at) gmail (dot) com

  28. Sounds so good! This is definitely a series im gonna have to get. Ive been eyeing these books for awhile now. Military romances are so good! I love the males. There alphaness…how fierceness, there bravery..Just everything about them. Love it! 😀 And the woman, they way the stand up, dont let others push them around, there one of the guys and so strong! There women after my own heart!

  29. I love a good alpha male hero and military guys are almost always at the top of the alpha hill. Loyalty, bravery, honor, integrity – sounds like the recipe for an excellent soldier/marine/seaman/airman and for a great romance hero.

  30. I like military romances because I love reading about the bond the character share. Whether it’s the hero and heroine or the heroine and his fellow soldiers. There isn’t much they wouldn’t do for each other.

  31. I would love to have a copy of Trey, it is the only one I don’t have. I will probably have to change his name in my head though, my brother’s nickname is Trey, lol.
    I do love reading about strong, sexy, alpha heroes and those in the military are generally these & so much more. They are brave, confident, dependable, and can & will protect anything/anyone they love.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

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