Military Week: Melissa Schroeder - Melissa Schroeder

Military Week: Melissa Schroeder

Welcome to Mel’s Salute to Military Romance! I will be honest with you. For years, I didn’t write much military romance. I will be the first to tell you that being a military spouse is just not romantic a lot of times. There are the moves, the TDYs, the OFFICIAL FUNCTIONS (which I usually completely hate) and then there is the feeling that no one in the world understands what you are going through. Then, Malachai Dupree, brother to Chris and Jocelyn, popped up in my head when Jocelyn was talking in A Little Harmless Addiction. It was a kernel of a thought: a spinoff of Harmless but with military men and women.
I will be completely honest with you. I wasn’t sure I could do it. When I first said something to my then editor I had with the Harmless publisher, there was little to no interest. Usually when I talk of the military it is to complain about something. One assignment in 20 years in a place with seasons would be the top of my list. But as a military brat myself, I knew there was something else to the military. See, I love romantic suspenses with a military bent. I couldn’t write them though. I was born in an Army hospital and have spent most of life immersed in military. I wanted it to be a little more reality based, and sometimes that doesn’t thrill readers, lol.
I was a big lover of M*A*S*H growing up and one thing that taught me was there isn’t anything pretty about military. But it also taught me something else, something I knew without actually acknowledging it. Military folk are just like everyone else, but their problems all have an added layer to them. Along with the regular squabbles that pop up, you have to move every few years, deal with a spouse who often times HAS to put the job in front of the family (there is that little thing called an oath they take when the enter the military) and a bone deep loneliness that others outside of the military just will never understand. Your life is ruled by the military whether you want it to or not.

So when I sat down to write my first A Little Harmless Military Romance, I felt a lot of pressure. I wanted to make sure that my readers understood what these people and their loved ones go through all the time. I didn’t want to glorify it, because a lot of times, it isn’t very glory filled. Still I wanted everyone to see the softer side of life, the part that keeps the military man and woman whole while they have to deal with the horrors in the field. There is something about that saying “keep the home fires burning” now more than ever.

Be sure to check out the first two A Little Harmless Military Romance Books:
INFATUATON: A Little Harmless Military Romance
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Infatuation: A Little Harmless Military Romance - Melissa Schroeder

POSSESSION: A Little Harmless Military Romance
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Coming Late June

So, I have a big old prize for you! How about a SWAG PACK of Harmless Military goodies, along with two signed copies, one of Infatuation and one of Possession??? And this is open to international readers also. Just let me know your answer to this question:

What is your favorite kind of military hero? Do you like the kind of guy in the midst of international intrigue, the cocky fighter pilot, or maybe you go for one of the PJ’s who go for the rescue? Let me know and your name goes in the hat!


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  1. I just finished POSSESSION and I loved Mel, really. It hunk it did everything you mentioned here, her heartbreak every time he was called out, her fear whenever he was home that he would be called, her terror that one day he wouldn’t make it home, the reality that is living with a SEAL. It was heartrending and the story was beautiful because of it. I supple having just read that, a SEAL is currently at the top of my list.

    I remember when my daughter wasn’t even 3 months old, being terrified that my husband would be deployed. She was born in June, 2001. I felt that fear again through POSSESSION.

    Thank you Mel, for such a real portrayal of military life, one that can’t really be told from the outside.


  2. *I loved IT Mel* is what that should say. I’ve been editing all day…apparently checking my post was too much for me 😉

  3. I think I can pretty much go for any type of military hero! I do tend to go for the silent brooding type and the heroine is the one to help break him out of his shell.


  4. I have read the first book in the military romance series and LOVED it! It had to right touch of romance with a gorgeous military guy you would want to hold. Just something about a man being so strong, powerful, confident and well-built and in a uniform gets my motor running. 🙂


  5. What can I say, I love a military hero. My heart always goes out to those who serve,but in my reading I can’t resist the wounded man struggling to find himself again.

  6. I love a military hero. I’ve really enjoyed the first 2 of Mel’s ALH Military books. I’ve been hooked on Suzanne Brockmann’s SEALs forever. I like that Mel writes from experience. Having been in the Navy and a Navy wife I can tell you it isn’t easy and Mel reflects that. It takes a special kind of person to be a military spouse and Mel respects that.

    Happy Memorial Day

  7. I have a soft spot for the wounded hero ones. The wounds are not all physical as you showed with Kade.

    Before Infatuation, my favorite military hero has always been the hyper-aware silent alphas.


  8. I love all types of military heroes and you’ve done a great job with writing your military romances, Mel. Love all of them! Thanks for this giveaway contest.

  9. I loved ALH Posession. Having been raised an Army Brat and a Military Spouse for a short time, it isn’t an easy lifestyle for the couple or the children.

    I love the wounded hero trying to figure out what to do with himself now that he can’t serve any more.

  10. Hmm…I like the really sweet, naive recruits, especially if they do something heroic or brilliant later. (Mostly, I just like my military heroes in books to stay alive whenever possible. I’m pretty tender that way. Sigh.)


  11. What a great contest, Mel!

    I’m a sucker for a hot SEAL. The secrecy, the muscles, the alpha qualities – yum. It’s a total fantasy because I know the reality is not like that.

  12. Being a fellow military brat and former soldier myself I think everyone in the military past and present are heroes in my book. So I’ll take a regular military guy with a great body.


  13. When I think of military stories what comes to mind is a lot of intensity and fast-paced action. I like that part of the story but even more than that I really really like the characters. I like their bravery, their plight but it is when they show us a softer side that I can connect with them on a deeper level. I know these heroes and heroines are affected by their roles in the military and I want to be able to see their fears and joy. Their romantic journeys tend to be more emotional that way and that’s what I love about it! I don’ necessarily want all roses, but a balance of hard and soft.


  14. I like reading about the guy who is in the midst of international intrigue. I’ve read a few where they’re battling their way out of a South American jungle.
    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  15. I don’t have a favorite. Although I’ve known a lot of great Marines over the years. Though SEALs are pretty awesome. 🙂

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  16. I think all the hunky military guys have their appeal, be it cocky or strong, silent and deadly. The SEALs are getting alot of votes, and yep, they definitely are very hot!

  17. Picking just one is hard. I think that all military men and women are heroes. I will say that I do enjoy the strong men who have a heart hidden behind that tough exterior that only those close to them get to see.


  18. Well seeing as I’m Canadian, we have the Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Canadian Air Force and the Canadian Army (not sure why they don’t get the ‘royal’ treatment too)LOL For my favourite Military man I’d have to go with Army!

    But if reading a book about the American military, then Marines all the way. The wounded heroes who need some loving from their lady to help them heal is always a good read for me.

  19. I love the heroes of all the branches in the military. Each has their own pluses!
    Happy Memorial Day!

    greenshamrock AT cox DOT net

  20. All of them the tough sweet ones great contest thanks
    Happy memorial to. All

  21. I love a man in uniform. All types! I do love the brooding, flawed hero. The one where the heroine is the only one who “gets him”
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  22. I like the quiet confident Special Ops guys. They don’t brag but they get the job done every time.

    Geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  23. Maybe because I’m a Navy brat (mostly it’s because of Suzanne Brockmann…lol), but my favorite military heroes are SEALs. The first SEAL book I read was The Admiral’s Bride by Suzanne Brockmann, & after that, I was hooked.

    Courtney S

  24. I love a man in uniform – dress or camo – they catch my eye every time. I also dated and nearly married a military guy! I love the elite units, but also the common “grunt” soldier (like my ex, ha ha), because I love a hard-working hero. Yummy!

    Happy Memorial Day,

    Mich (kianeeko AT gmail DOT com)

  25. Anyone who serves deserves our respect. However, I like the pilots…I wanted to be one! My eyesight changed my junior year in high school. I was not happy!
    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway!

  26. Mel, I’m not sure I have a favorite kind of military hero–there are so many different kinds of people who serve and do so in a way that truly honors the uniform. Thank you simply for giving us a true-to-life peek at those who serve, and thank you to you and your family for all you have done for the rest of us as well!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  27. If I can take my pick, I would have a take charge SEAL… But to be honest, any man who takes that oath and put on that uniform has that sexiness! Giving oneself over to that commitment and serving this country is something that I admire! And if that soldier can keep their respectful ways about them, I am putty in their hands…

  28. I like the military hero in the midst of international intrigue.


  29. Looks like I’ll be the 42nd comment…I find that funny because I had my ninth child, my baby when I turned 42 litterally, we share our birthday.
    I like Seals myself…maybe it’s because I’m a (now retire)military wife of 28 years, Navy wife I should say. Life is hard a submariners wife. They are gone with little to no contact for six months. Back in the day we were given 10 family grams to send in that six month period. No email or calls unless they pulled into port and you could afford the call home or mail usually. Now we have email and phone cards that make it easier to stay in touch. I still remember Denny’s first trip on his sub. He has Native American in hin and was very tan. When he came back after his first six month deployment he looked like a ghost. He has worked with Seals and he says you don’t mess with the Seals.
    Seawitch Reviews @

  30. I don;t have a favorite military hero. I love them all, so brave and strong fighting for our freedom everyday, because we all know freedom isn’t free.


  31. I love any military heroes, though SEALs are at the top of the list. I even married one of my own 😀

    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

  32. I could go for just about any military hero but a Marine or Navy Seal are my top pick.


  33. The Seals are probably a top favorite, but really any military hero is a treat. The stories can be on a mission or even on leave or retired. It’s the quality of the characters that draws me in.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com
    cathy m

  34. I love all kinds of military heroes. I have so much respect for the real men & women who fight to defend our nation and it’s citizens. The characters who are based on these real life heroes have the best qualities of them: bravery, dependability, being total Alpha men, etc.
    Btw, I grew up watching MASH reruns too! Actually, I still love them!

    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  35. I love any well written alpha hero! I’m a big fan of marines from several early relationships :)… Loved all the Harmless books so far!

    cdkros (at) gmail (dot) com

  36. I like them all! The strong, brave heros, who fight for us and for what they believe in. I have such respect for them. In books, alpha heros, especially the wounded ones who need healing, i love when they find there other half. He fights and she heals! 😀

  37. I love Special Forces heroes. The guys who may need a special woman who can understand and help him defeat his demons. I love the Kelly brothers from Maya Banks’ KGI series – they are total alpha males who truly yearn for the love of a good woman!

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