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Kris Cook: New Release!

Please welcome my friend Kris Cook! He has the second of his Diary books to release this week and it is a STEAL at .99!!!
Melissa, you are such a dear friend. Thank you for having me today on your blog.
I shared this on another blog, but thought I’d share here, too. I’ve already had a few questions about Lea’s Menage Diary. So let me tackle them here, if you don’t mind.
  1. Why first person?  Well, it just locked in that way in my imagination. These characters, Mia, Lea, Misty, Ella, and maybe Amy, are very present in my mind. Not that it’s like dictation, it isn’t far from it when I’m writing these.
  2. Why is Lea size 16?  I love curves. I think they are beautiful. Lea’s men, Kane and Reed, identical twin Masters, feel the same way, thankfully.
  3. Why is the woman on the cover so thin?  I love the cover, but agree the woman is too thin to be Lea. Still, it might be her, though much later…her men do work her out very hard, if you catch my meaning. 😉
  4. Why center it around The Cell?  For those who haven’t read Mia’s or Lea’s, The Cell is owned by Lex, the Dom in Mia’s diary that sweeps her off her feet. It’s quite upscale and fantastic. There are whole rooms for scenes decked out in such extravagant trappings to create a space for its customers to lose themselves to the illusion of a new space. Lea sees some of them, but is in the training rooms more than the other spaces. In Misty’s Bondage Diary, coming next month, we get to see more of these areas.
  5. Will there be any paranormal elements in later diaries? I think this question came in because of my other books, which are mainly paranormal erotic romances, though I do have Three To Play, which is a MMF contemporary. No. The Secret Diary series is strictly contemporary erotic romance. There will be no paranormal happenings in these, though there is a room that is set up by Lex to give the participants that magic does exist, but it is only fun and games. That comes in Ella’s Bondage Diary, which comes out sometime this summer.
I feel like I haven’t said enough about Lea’s book. Here’s the blurb and an excerpt that might give your readers a better idea of it.
AMAZON  ARe  SMASHWORDS  B and N (coming soon)
When Lea’s fiancé breaks off their engagement, she is sad but actually more relieved. Life with him would’ve been nice but boring—especially in bed. But what options are there for her, a single woman, size sixteen, in the dating pool?
Her cousin, Mia, plans a special night out for Lea to get her out of the dumps. The instant they arrive at the BDSM club, she bumps into Kane and Reed, twin brother Masters who are mouth-watering, muscled, male perfection.
Shocked at their advances but ready for adventure, Lea jumps at their offer to train her as a sub.
It’s much more than the cuffs and ropes that bind her submissive heart to the brothers. Can Kane and Reed prove to Lea that they love her and her curves, or will she refuse to surrender all, holding onto a false body-image that destroys her only chance at love?
I walked beside Lex and Mia with my lips pressed firmly together, shaking like a leaf but also so very curious. My emotions, normally buried deep in my psyche, were clear and powerful, jumping with a crosswise mix of cautious anxiety and wicked eagerness.
We went down several hallways and got a glimpse of the “scenes” Mia had informed me about earlier. The very atmosphere of The Cell was thick with sexuality, and its patrons were both beautiful and dangerous looking. I felt totally out of place, and my apprehension grew.
We came to a hallway with only four doors but no windows looking into the rooms. They were marked with the letters “A,” “B,” “C,” and “D.” Lex led us to the door with the letter “C” on it.
He knocked, and oddly, I felt a tingle spread through me. I wondered why I was reacting this way.
The door opened, and two of the sexiest men I’d ever seen in my life stood there.
The one with the long, dark hair smiled, causing me to go weak in the knees. “You must be, Lea.” He extended his hand for me to take. I did. He squeezed my hand, and a hot jolt shot up my arm from where we touched. “I’m Reed. Welcome.”
He wore a tight, black sleeveless T-shirt that accentuated the thick muscles it covered. His biceps bulged and were decorated with gorgeous ink. The left tat was an intricate design that looked tribal to me. The right tat was of a formidable-looking dagger that was softened a bit by the wings it was on top of. His eyes were light brown surrounded by the thickest lashes I’d ever seen on any man.
“Are you going to hold hands all night or are we going to get started on the training?” His twin asked. Except for his shaved head and different tats, the two Doms were identical.
“S-sorry…I-I’m new to this,” I stuttered, jerking my hand back.
“Stop it, Kane. Don’t scare the girl away,” Reed interjected.
Kane shrugged and then reached out and cupped my chin, causing my belly to flip-flop. “I don’t think she’ll bolt, bro. I can see excitement in her eyes.”

And make sure you don’t miss Mia’s Spanking Diary.   


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