Guest Post & Giveaway: Hillary Seidl - Melissa Schroeder

Guest Post & Giveaway: Hillary Seidl

The Mysterious-Flying Towel
            Hi Everyone!! Thank you Melissa for having me today!  My name is Hillary Seidl and I’m obsessed with the paranormal.
            At age nine I had my first paranormal experience with a ghost.  I was staying at my grandparents and I had taken a shower.  While finishing my nightly ritual, I turned to see my wet discarded towel fly a good five feet out of my grandparents room and land by the washer.  I wasn’t frightened because I thought my grandma had done it.  So I yelled, “Sorry, grandma!”  Less than ten seconds later I walked to her room. My grandma was snoring.  It hit me then she couldn’t have thrown the towel. 
I stood there confused.  I replayed it in my head a couple of times.  My brain didn’t want to accept it so I woke up my grandma and asked her.  She had no idea what I was talking about.  My sweet catholic grandmother doesn’t lie and why would she about a towel?
That incident is what started my paranormal journey. 
            In high school, I learned all I could and did all my papers on the paranormal.  I was in ecstasy when The XFilescaught my attention and I made my family watch every Friday night.  That’s when I discovered fan fiction.  Writing back then was like a compulsion.  I took other people’s characters and made them my own.  (With a disclaimer—of course) I had a 300-page fan fiction when I was sixteen.  It was pretty bad, but I knew I wanted to be a writer. 
            I ignored the calling to try and be normal.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t say that.  But I had no idea what to do with my life thinking being an author was out of my reach. Then it happened… Supernatural!  Love the show and the characters. I even went to a convention in Vancouver to meet the actors. Completely awesome!
Writing Supernatural fan fiction came easy to me and I realized through that that I knew what I wanted to do.  Paranormal romance.  When I found my local chapter of RWA, the Colorado Romance Writers I finally found where I belonged. It was like coming home!
            My first novella, Finding Ms. Wright: Sia is out from 5 Prince Publishing.  You can find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
 SIA: Paranormal hunter Andrew Grant has less than a week to locate a stone and thwart a wizard’s bid for ultimate power.  Sia holds the key to his success, and to his heart.  Only together can they discover love and save the world.
Have you ever had a paranormal experience?  Do you believe ghosts are real? 
Thank you so much for having me, Melissa Schroeder!  I would love to give an ebook away to a lucky commenter!  (U.S. only.) 


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  1. We have had some strange things happen through the years… my sister even has a ghost that she has seen that has followed her from house to house… most recent for me was during the summer… we had a musical training potty for my nephew and sometimes it would sing by itself until you told it to stop…
    thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I lived in Vietnam for a while and we had this really tall squarish spiral staircase up through the center of the tall skinny house I lived in. You almost had to lean against the walls just to walk up it. For about two weeks around Lunar New Year we had some very small handprints appear on the lowest landing. Smaller than my own hands and dwarfed compared to my roommates. Never figured out where they came from or where they went, but I’m pretty sure we had some little kiddy ghosts running around celebrating the year of the rat in otherworldly style.
    Fun blog Hil, and congrats on the book!

  3. Hello Hillary! Here is my e-mail:

    greenshamrock AT cox DOT net

    I was going to send you my e-mail, but I could not find an e-mail address for you… hope you see this… have a wonderful weekend!

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