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Guest Blog & Giveaway: Juniper Bell

In Alaska, where I live, winters are long, hard, cold and snowy. Enter our local hero: The Plow Guy. Ploy guys are tough, rugged, undaunted by the worst of weather. They arrive on their mighty steeds — otherwise known as exhaust-spewing machines — freeing terrified residents trapped behind snowbanks. Walls of ice collapse before their unstoppable force. Roads become passable, fuel can be delivered … lives are saved. The allure of the Plow Guy has even made it into TV land. Remember the sexy plow guy who romances the uptight New York editor in Men in Trees?
Certain Alaskans (with the initials J.B.) have been known to make cookies for their plow guy. Another friend of mine offers more adult treats to hers. It doesn’t hurt, of course, when your plow guy is a young, hunky guy like ours. Or when your plow guy works in tandem with his equally hunky brother.
Yep, we’ve got two sexy brothers plowing our road. A ménage a plow, so to speak. As you can imagine, our road is very well-plowed. So far, the brothers have only come separately, but maybe one day, after an especially bad blizzard, they’ll both show up for a double plowing.
(Had enough plow double entendres yet?)
As an erotic romance author, it seems natural to imagine how I can put a plow guy or two in a story. So here we go – just a couple thoughts. 
Plowed. First they get snowed in, then they get plastered. A woman, her plow guy, and one unforgettable night.
A Tale of Two Plows. Two brothers vie for the affections of a local beauty. But does she really have to choose?
Deep Plow. A plow guy is recruited by a porn producer and becomes a sensation.
Colters’ Plow Guy. The latest installment in the popular series. (Sorry, Maya.)
And Plow Guy Makes Three. A married couple expands their family in an erotically unexpected way. 
A Little Harmless Plow Guy. (Sorry, Melissa.)
My Three Plow Guys. Why settle for one plow guy, when a girl can have three?
Nobody’s Plow Guy But Mine. A plow guy finds himself locked in a fem-dom’s dungeon. (Sorry, Susan Elizabeth Phillips.)
Plow Guy and Prejudice. In a reversal of the classic tale, a local heiress disdains her plow guy even as she finds herself drawn to him.
And now the floor is open. Any other Plow Guy story suggestions? Give me one in the comments and I’ll put you in the running for a choice of any book from my backlist.
Plow on!
Juniper Bell is a bestselling author of erotic romance for Samhain and Ellora’s Cave. Her next release is Beautiful Obsession, coming soon from Ellora’s Cave. You can connect with her on her website, Facebook, or on Twitter as @AuthorJuniper.


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18 Comments on “Guest Blog & Giveaway: Juniper Bell

  1. Hmmm… To Plow or not to Plow that is the question.

    Under the Plow Guy -inspired by Stephen King
    Kiss Me, Plow Guy – inspired by Mari Carr
    Bring on the Plow Guy – inspired by Beverly Jenkins

    okay I’m stopping there lol. I love all your stuff Juniper and hope you are staying warm xoxo

  2. Juniper – that was hilarious.

    Let’s see:
    One Plow at a Time: A Snow Hunter Novel (h/t Jeaniene Frost)

    First Plow on the Right (h/t Darynda Jones)

    Plowsong: Midnight Plowing (h/t Eden Bradley)

    So much fun!
    Stay warm.

  3. Very fun post, Junniper.

    Here are a couple of mine:

    Plow Guys Show No Fear (Marliss Melton)

    Beware of the Plow Guy (mari freeman)

    If Plowguys were Horses ( Joey W Hil)

    A Fisful of Plow Guy (Kim Harrison)

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  4. Hey Juniper,
    How about “The Plowman Who Loved Me” ? 🙂

    Or, the suspenseful: “The Plowman Always Rings Twice.”

    “Plowman’s Day” – where you live your plowing fantasies day after day after day.

    “The Plowman’s Diaries” – Secret fantasies of an apprentice plowman.

    Goodness, these could go on and on. We have plowmen in Minnesota, too, and they’re the same level of lifesavers, but I’m quite jealous — our county guy is about 74 and if he has a twin, I’m not sure I care 🙂

    Fun, fun post!

  5. Just Plowed –> Erin Nicholas

    The Sound of a Plow That is Still –> P.G. Forte

    One Wicked Plow –> Kelly Jamieson

    Take a Plow On Me –> Kate Davies

  6. OMG, I’m LMAO over here! You guys outdid me by far. Best Plow Guy titles ever. Love ’em all!

    Kim B – Nice NNN theme you got there. 😉 They’re going to love it!

  7. The Author and the Plow Man sounds like an awesome title to me 😉

    Yes, were it not for those dedicated men who clears our roads, we’d be in a world of hurt.

    Sounds like a great Northern series to me!

  8. Come plow with me….come plow away…come plow with me! Ugh, I think that’s how the Sinatra song goes? Lol!
    So can we expect the characters in your next book to be a pair of hunky plow brothers that clear the streets and warm the beds of the neighborhood ladies? Thanks Juniper!

  9. Those were the ones I could do in the parent pick-up area before the kid got there. But I realized when I got home Kinsey Holley has the best one:

    Yours, Mine, and Plows

    I must give all the NNN one:

    Plow Me: the Lassiter Group — Sydney Somers

    Plow in Blue Jeans — Meg Benjamin

    His Only Plow — Skylar Kade

    And also one for you Juniper:

    Restraining the Plow

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