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A Little Harmless Fascination Blurb and Soundtrack

Today I really dive into A Little Harmless Fascination. It is the next release in the Harmless series, duh, and that makes it book SEVEN. Still hard to believe that people are still fascinated with the Harmless world.
Anyway, I thought I would give you a little blurb about the book. You first met Conner in A Little Harmless Lie as the former FBI agent who hunted Dee down. Jillian is a new to you character but she has been running around in my head for awhile. Our very own Brandy Walker named her for me though:) The blurb is

Also, I wanted to let you know the initial soundtrack for the book. I just started putting it together. It grows as I write the book.
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A Little Harmless Fascination

Wanting her isn’t smart, seducing her is inevitable, but  falling in love with her could be downright deadly for both of them.

Harmless Book 7

Conner Dillon has had a few bad weeks. He’s been working overtime trying to expand his security business. So much so, that he ended up in the ER with chest pains. His sister panics and insists he take time off, and she has the perfect set up in Hawaii. Her old college roommate, Jillian Sawyer, has room for him.  He has a few issues though. He’s been ordered to rest, and Conner just doesn’t know how. Not to mention the fact he is undeniably attracted to his sexy, tattooed, landlady. And worse, she brings out the dominant side of his sexuality, something he hadn’t had to deal with in years.

Jillian has marched to the beat of her own drum for awhile now. Raised by her mother’s rich white family after the death of her parents, she gave up trying to fit in years ago. Now happy with her career as a writer, and totally at peace with who she is, she doesn’t think she’ll be attracted to her old friend’s brother. He’s uptight, runs on a schedule, and has a list for everything. But there is something in his commanding presence that makes her melt. After spending too much time in his presence, she can’t keep her hands off him. When he shows his true personality in the bedroom, she is completely enthralled.

Even though neither of them think they want forever, they are having a hard time keeping it just about sex. And when a series of seemingly simple accidents turns dangerous, staying together isn’t just for fun, it might just save their lives.

WARNING This book contains: An uptight security expert who prefers schedules, a romance writer who does not, tattoos, a trip to the Aloha Swap Meet, two hunky neighbors who irritate our hero, a ride or two on a motorcycle, Hawaiian scenes, whipped cream, and of course, this would not be a Harmless book without a trip to Rough ‘n Ready.  Ice is recommended as any Harmless Addict will tell you, but the author takes no responsibility if a readers should become overheated.

A Little Harmless Fascination Writing Soundtrack
a work in progress

I Don’t Want This Night to End   Luke Bryan Conner and Jillian’s love song
Just the Way You Are  Bruno Mars
Fade Into Me   David Cook
She’s Music to Me  Ekolu Music
Crazy Girl   Eli Young Band
The Craziest Thing   Darius Rucker
Sex on Fire  Kings of Leon
Glitter in the Air  Pink
You and Tequila   Kenny Chesney
I Want Love   Elton John
Tomorrow   Chris Young
Collide   Howie Day
Someone Like You   Adele
A Quiet Mind   Blue October
(You Want to) Make a Memory   Bon Jovi
Waterslide    The Bonedaddys
Easy Rascal Flatts
Super Girl   Saving Jane 
Sugar Cane Shack  Na Leo
Come on Get Higher  Matt Nathanson

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