Guest Post & Giveaway: Cerise DeLand - Melissa Schroeder

Guest Post & Giveaway: Cerise DeLand

Nifty Gifties for your Valentine?
I have gift suggestions for 8 of those whom you love! And because money is tight and you aren’t, my ideas tend to cost more effort than cash!
1. For your children, any age: a great novel NOT on their school reading list.  The number of exciting adventures for YAs and younger children coming out from new, dynamic authors is astounding. Why not treat your children to one?
Especially if you take them to the library to get it!
2. For your mother:A Starbucks card. Value $5. Everyone needs coffee.
3. For your father:Ditto!
4. For your furry friend, 4-legged type: Canine type, one rawhide chew. Good for the teeth.
5. For feline type?A small ball of ribbons from the junk drawer. You know the ribbons I mean! You saved them from the shopping bags of stores when you bought clothes…um…last year!
6. For your favorite charity: In your church office, school PTA volunteer group or the local animal shelter, one hour of your time.
7. For your Significant Other: 
For her, new French or Italian lingerie. Heart shaped pasties? Dangerous red or black dress-up goodies? Okay, so this suggestion is pricey! A few of my fave sites are: the pix come from!)
Or for him, new shave soap, from L’Occitane.  $10.  Comes as a hollowed out soap to be used as is, in the shower. Smooth as silk. Lasts FORever!  (Yes, I love it, too!)
8. Finally, for your favorite authors AND for you: The best gift you can give an author is that of buying one of her books, enjoying it and writing to them to tell them so!
My V-Day gift to someone who posts today? I will randomly select one person to receive my cougar ménage, HAT TRICK!
Happy loving on Valentine’s Day!
Come to my blog for a hop and more prizes February 11-14!
And stay tuned for my Valentine’s story with the Sassy Seven, BE MINE!  This short short, out from Decadent Publishing, debuts with 6 other stories in VALENTINO’s DELIGHTS from the gals who brought you the best-selling TOYS-4-US series, Desiree Holt, Samantha Cayto, Nicole Austin, Regina Carlysle, Brenna Zinn, Allie Standifer and me!
Cerise DeLand


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15 Comments on “Guest Post & Giveaway: Cerise DeLand

  1. Thanks for the tips! I loved Hat Trick and I loved the whole Cougar Challenge series. I’ve picked up several of your works recently and loved them all! Thanks for the post.


  2. Thanks for the tips. My kids are my only valentine and they love going to the library so that was a great idea for us. I love all of your books I have read so far.

  3. What great ideas, Cerise.
    I’ve got surprises lined up for hubby. Still have to write up something sweet for the kids. And I will also get something for the dog – the old man deserves a treat.

    Hat Trick is a fab title and sounds like a great read!

  4. Great suggestions! Starbucks is always a great backup idea and our pets love getting gifts too!

  5. Tips? What tips? I can’t tear my eyes off that cover O_o *Phew* Those are great tips for everyone in the family. Love that you included the furry kids too 🙂

  6. Great tips! My nieces and nephews are my valentines. They nephews (4, 6, & 11) all enjoy books. The nieces (17 & 18) have unfortunately stopped reading much (definitely do not take after me).

    I have read and enjoyed a few of you books and can’t wait to read more!
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  7. Just a quick work: Thanks for all the really great books. They are your gift to us. I have read and reviewed a number of your books at my own blog and for The Book Binge, and still enjoy them when I see a new one come out. Hat Trick was one of my favorite, but the entire Cougar Challenge series is such an awesome collection of writing talent. Have a very Happy Valentines Day yourself, and thanks for all the gift ideas.

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