Saturday Scribbles: Why Selfpub? - Melissa Schroeder

Saturday Scribbles: Why Selfpub?

I have had a few people contact me in the last few weeks since I announced that I was taking my Harmless books and selfpubbing them. Most of them think I am insane. And seriously, about a year ago, I would have said the same thing. My Harmless books are my bestselling books. In May alone, I sold 18,000 copies of the four books that were on sale. That’s right, EIGHTEEN THOUSAND. And it is a risk and a gamble to take it another way. What helped was Samhain putting up my book, A Little Harmless Sex, for free that month. And, with support like that, I should stay, right?
Well, now is the time to be honest. There has been little to no support for Harmless. Oh, from my readers, yes.

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