Harmless Addict Drive - Melissa Schroeder

Harmless Addict Drive

If you don’t know by now, Melissa has a Facebook group dedicated to all things Harmless.

She will be posting all kinds of information about the Harmless series and what is on the horizon like Harmless Military and hopefully a few Harmless Cowboys (hint, hint Mel). You’ll also be able to find out where her characters are appearing all over the web. And basically whatever else pops into that head of her when it comes to Harmless.

Right now we are doing a Harmless Addict Drive. Once the group hits 125 members a name or 2 will be drawn for a prize and a surprise. The prize is a Rough n Ready journal and Rough and Ready keychain. The surprise is just that… a surprise.

So if you are a lover of the Harmless world you should definitely join.

Click here to sign up.

Note: As of this posting there are 118 members. For every 25 member who join after the initial number (125) another name will be drawn.



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