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A Little Harmless Submission Release Day

YAY! It is officially here. I had planned on making this come out on the 25th. But, I have heard from some people that Amazon can take 12 hours or three days to post the book. I thought it would be better early than late, yes?

So I have SEVEN bags to give away filled up with Swag. Four Romcon, Two AAD and then one Harmless bag! All have at least four books and tons of SWAG.  So, what do you have to do? Answer the question of the day below the excerpt. The contest will run until noon central time on the 28th. I will close down the comments and use Random.org to pick the winners. All boxes will be mailed out the following week.
So, here is the excerpt and answer the question in the comments.

Harmless #6

B and N

For a tough as nails Dom hunting a sadistic serial killer is nothing compared to losing his heart.
Rome Carino is hunting a predator. One who likes to hurt submissives, and the most popular BDSM club’s patrons are being targeted. With each fresh kill he gets more brazen. Rome knows he just needs one little break, but before he can make headway, the FBI shows up. Worse, the uptight, buttoned-down Special Agent Maria Callahan suggests a plan that is dangerous, but worth it because it might just catch the killer. If Rome can keep his mind on the case and off the beautiful FBI agent, he’ll be just fine.
Maria is still trying to step out of her legendary father’s shadow and knows just how to do it. Luring the killer by posing as Rome’s new sub seems like a good idea. That is, until undercover becomes real life and she finds herself tangled up with a man who amazes and scares her at the same time. Her growing attraction to the Honolulu Police Detective is a little too much to handle. Even knowing that, she can’t help falling in love with the tough Dom and losing herself in the games they play in the bedroom.
Rome is overwhelmed by his need for Maria. He has never had a sub respond to him the way she does, and no matter what he does, he feels himself slipping off that cliff into love. As their relationship starts to unfold, he realizes that he will do anything to win her heart, to convince her to become his sub for a lifetime. But before he can do anything, the killer turns his attention on Rome and the one thing he holds dear: Maria.
WARNING: The following book contains: A Dom who thinks he can do no wrong, a new sub who is about to teach him he can, palm trees, a trip or two to Rough ‘n Ready, a flirty Aussie Dom with questionable motives, old friends, and a new enemy. Yeah, it might be called Harmless, but you Addicts know it’s anything but.
The simple answer made him smile. It had come out just like a perfect little sub should answer her Dom. A possessiveness he didn’t expect slapped him in the face, and he had to fight the urge to claim her. It wacked him upside the head like the club he should be carrying. It was primitive, Neanderthal almost. But he could stem the rising tide to make her understand just who she belonged to. Shit, this wasn’t a long-term relationship. He knew it was more than just the job, knew that for both of them it was. Rome just needed to remind himself that this wasn’t for keeps. He had met her less than forty-eight hours ago. She would be gone as soon as her job was done.
He bit down on the need to deny her the right to leave him. Fuck, he had to get his mind back into her submission and off any kind of relationship. He didn’t have any claim to her for the long term. But for the short term, he could make her his in a way she would never forget.
He trailed his fingers over her generous flesh. He never would have guessed her ass was so shapely before seeing it in that dress. Without hesitation, he pulled his hand back and gave her a smack. Her gasp filled the silence in the air. Rome heard the arousal, the surprise, and he couldn’t help doing it again. From his training, he knew just what it did to her, how the vibrations feathered out over the skin and throughout her body. He gave her another slap and smiled. He’d been right. Her skin pinkened so pretty.
Rome stepped in front of her. He crowded her, but she stood her ground. He could fight the little smile that brought about. He could smell the faint scent of her soap and her desire. It was a heady mixture. She was staring at the floor. Slipping a finger beneath her chin, he raised it to force her to look at him. Her lips were full with that bee-stung look that actresses paid a fortune to achieve. He dipped his head and brushed his mouth over hers. He’d been thinking of doing this—plus a whole lot more—since he’d touched her the night before.
One kiss was not enough. Rome had known it wouldn’t be. He slid his tongue along the seam of her lips, and she opened them willingly. She didn’t even hesitate for a second. Once he stole inside, she moaned. Tiny vibrations tingled over his tongue then filtered throughout his body. By the time he pulled back, the simple kiss had left them both breathing heavily.
Maria returned her gaze to the floor. “Look at me.” He waited until she had before continuing. “You don’t have to show me deference like that. It’s not my thing.”
He dropped his hand and was happy to see that she held his gaze. He slipped her bra off then placed it on the bureau behind him. He turned back around and sighed. She was just perfect. Small, delicate breasts were tipped with hardened pink nipples. She wasn’t big, but that was his preference.
He cupped one, brushing his thumb over the tip. She sucked in a deep breath but seemed reluctant to do so.
“Show your pleasure. I like that.” He bent down and licked her nipple. “But,” he warned, looking up at her, “do not come unless I give you permission. You will do everything I tell you. You will let me know the pleasure I give you, but you do not allow yourself that pleasure. It’s mine to own and mine to offer.”
He had meant to keep his voice modulated, but by the end of the orders, he was grinding out each word. He couldn’t seem to keep himself from letting her know he would own her body and soul.
Onto the contest!
So, we are getting some things going on Rough ‘n Ready fan page. That is where all the character chats with Harmless folks are going to take place. Since Rough n Ready is our virtual BDSM club, I thought I would ask a simple question about it.
If you could REALLY go to Rough ‘n Ready, would you go to participate, take a class, or just to observe?  And, what Harmless character would you like to give you the tour? If you have not read the books, you can just say hero or heroine:)
Good luck! Again, the contest runs until NOON central on FRIDAY the 28th. You will be responsible for contacting us if you name is drawn. This is open to international readers if you country has no restrictions. 


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53 Comments on “A Little Harmless Submission Release Day

  1. That is an easy one… I’d want to participate all the way. 🙂 Could I take some classes too? If not, participate is good. Can not wait to read and review A Little Harmless Submission!! I’ve been waiting for it!

    rianeholt at gmail dot com

  2. Oh I’d probably start with some classes lol and then on to participation!! What’s the point of going if you’re not going to have any fun?? And I’d definitely want the hero to give me the tour (of all the dark corners) *smiles wickedly*
    CANNOT wait to read this book!

  3. Oops… forgot to add that I’d like either Evan or Micah… altho I would take Max in a pinch… um, ok, who am I kidding, I’m not picky. I’ll take them all! 🙂

  4. I’d probably do classes and mostly observe. I’m going to say hero because I don’t want to choose just one and you can’t make me. 😉 Though I do love Micah. And will probably love Rome. 🙂

  5. I think I would go to observe at first, and then work my way to taking classes and participating. I also think I would prefer a heroine to give me a tour, what better way to learn than from someone who knows the ins-and-outs of the place 😉


  6. I would take classes and would pick Evan as my tutor ;o) Loved him for the getgo and looking forward to seeing how Rome compares in Submission.

  7. BTW the above anon comment is from Sally Manson. I don’t know why it selects anon when I’m clearly selecting something different. Maybe Micah could help me with my Blackberry I think he knows what to do :o)

  8. Oh I’d take some classes and then participate. I would love to have
    Micah to be my teacher though! Even though all of them would be sure to show me a very good time. I would still choose Micah! 🙂


  9. Being an extremely shy person I start with observe to classes to participation. I would love to play…*S* I’d choose Evan….
    Thank you for the contest and the wonderful time being part of this.
    pommawolf @ hotmail.com

  10. Can I answer all of the above and for the tour all the heroes.lol.Ok..ok..Participate and Max 🙂
    great excerpt.And thanks for the giveaway

  11. I’d have to choose Evan. Totally hot and I was drawn to him from the beginning. I’m a shy person though, so at first I’d DEFINITELY like to watch (I may be shy, but there is a bit of naughty way down deep). Lovin’ the new book and Rome is one sexy beast.

    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  12. I would like one of the heroines to show me around so I wouldnt feel imtimidated by one of the heros. Let me observe then take a class. Then by Jolly I wanna participate. So excited to read Romes story.

  13. I think I would want May to go on the tour of the club because she is totally enthusiastic about it all LOL. I’d start with observe first (let my inner voyeur have some fun with that), then move on to having some classes, and then finally participate in the fun times!

  14. watch first and probably a class and then participate…lol. I’d want to know everything I could before I just jumped in.
    I’d want Micah to be my teacher 🙂

  15. First, congrats on the new release! I think I would want to take it slow to start with; observe, take a few classes and then maybe participate. I would want the tour by the hero for sure.

    pnc07 (at) aol (dot) com

  16. Observe i think. lol I’ve read a couple of these but i can’t think of any of the guys. I need to re read and buy more of these. I haven’t read a erotica in a while. Going to have to just say hero for now. Congrats on the release Melissa!!

    Lisa B
    modokker at yahoo dot com

  17. First I’d observe, then a class or two (or three)then… who knows?
    Tour guide would have to be one of the Heros. I can’t wait for the latest release to come out.

    loribooklover62 at aol dot com

  18. Um, I’m pretty sure I’d be an observer *blushes* but I’d probably enjoy the hero showing me around and giving me all the gossip! 🙂

    hankts AT internode DOT on DOT net

  19. Congrats on the new release, Mel. I would observe first and then probably take a class. Since Max was my first, I’ll take him with me.

  20. I would definitely want to participate! I’d like Michah to show me around although Rome sounds really really hot too.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    asiancocoa94 at aol dot com

  21. I would love to start out by observing. Of course, being open minded enough to let it progress further if that’s what happens.

    Of course, for my tour guide, I’d have to have a hero do the honors.

  22. I would like to say participate but I would probably observe first. As for an escort I would choose Evan but I wouldn’t say no to any of the other heros. 🙂

  23. Well… I would just love to be adventurous and participate with my fav Dom Evan, however, I must own up to the wallflower girl that I am and just watch!

    I cannot wait for the new book! thanks for the chance at some swag. heather

    sassycyclist at bak dot rr dot com

  24. I would start with the observation and classes, then participation. I would absolutely love one of the heroes to give me tour and maybe some instruction. I would definitely take my hubby with me. =)


  25. i would observe at first and if i work up the courage i would participate, but i am sure Evan could convice me.

  26. I would observe, maybe take a few classes. Could be talked into participating, if I had Evan as my guide. 😉


  27. Honestly, I’m not sure! I’d probably observe and maybe take a class and if I decided to go further I’d take Rome or Evan!!

    Loved A Little Harmless Submission!! 🙂

  28. I left a comment the other day but it is missing….. ooops

    I want to participate…..Yes yes yes. And with Evan, Micah and Rome all putting their hands together and teaching me what could be better.

  29. I would start off observing, then maybe take a class, then who knows! I’m not picky as far as your Heroes go, so any one would be suitable as a guide.

  30. Having a fabulous Dom give hubs and I a class…um…yes please! Don’t know about participation in a club setting, but having some fun and learning from a hot alpha. Oh I’d be there!

  31. I think I’d go with the entention of only watching, however is the right dom comes along that might change, and as far as give me the tour… Hmm – since all the gents are taken I’d have to say… maybe a sexy, single, god-like looking Ausi 😉

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