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The Contest and Other Upcoming things

Hey, folks. Just a little reminder that the Addicted to Harmless Blog Party is on tomorrow morning at 8 am Central time. It will run all the way until midnight on Tuesday morning. There will also be some more authors on Sunday too.

The upcoming things. I am going to try and get some regular blogs going so I am going to start with at least three things a week, or try to. Let’s be honest. I have ADD and I am very self absorbed. I will forget. Definitely. Esp since I have two Harmless books to get done before Sept 1, plus all my side projects. But I am trying 🙂

Monday Author Spotlight
I am now setting up the schedule and still have spots open. Please email me thru my website or if you know my email, to sign up. I will send you all the info. I will only do one a week and just an FYI, the 27th is already taken. So, anything starting July 4th and on I have open. This will be for authors with recent and upcoming releases. It could be as easy as a blurb and excerpt(all heat levels) or a character interview(these are super popular) or just a blog about writing your most recent book.

Whatcha Reading Wednesdays
I am going to post what I am reading and everyone who posts their most recent read will get their name in the hat for a 10 dollar GC. My plan is to do this every Wednesday, pretty easy.

Saturday Scribbles
This will be about writing. Either things I have dealt with, the business side of it, or whatever I can think of, lol. It will sometimes be of interest to readers, but I can’t always promise that.  Or that it will happen every week. I have a crazy schedule in the next few months trying to get ahead on the Harmless books. If there is something you would like to see me cover, make sure to let me know.
I am off for a good night rest. I have so many words to get on paper tomorrow and some editing.  I will post links for the contests on my social networks, but I won’t be around at all.


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  1. Again Melissa Schroeder is Wonder woman, Bionic woman etc combined. I truly admire you I don’t know how you do it. A Mom too! Thanks for the contests too. 🙂

  2. I love chatting books! So Wed sounds fab! I love to hear those recommendations as well as give them!! Will be fun Mel!

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