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Out of Pocket

I wanted to let everyone know that per doctor’s orders, I am taking it easy. I had a bitch of migraine hit me this week and it sent my blood pressure up. So, other than a few minor things, I am just writing and resting. A DREAM COME TRUE. Please, if you email me, expect […]

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Short stories, parties, and surgery

Hello, everyone! It has been a busy week of writing and promo planning for me. I am about to finish up A Little Harmless Fascination rough draft today and will be diving into Possession next. They are my next releases, April and May. I have some updates on some things that will be happening. As […]

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The Contest and Other Upcoming things

Hey, folks. Just a little reminder that the Addicted to Harmless Blog Party is on tomorrow morning at 8 am Central time. It will run all the way until midnight on Tuesday morning. There will also be some more authors on Sunday too. The upcoming things. I am going to try and get some regular […]

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