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Rules and Regs of the Contest

You know I like easy so here it goes:

  • Posts will start every day at about 10 am central time. 
  • Each author featured will be giving away a book. You must post to their blog post for a chance to win it.
  • There will be an ebook reader given away each day too. Every time you post, your name goes in the hat.
  • While the individual prizes are determined by the author, the ebook reader will only be for US Residents. If you do not reside in the US, I will send you a GC to your choice of Samhain, Amazon, or B and N equal to the amount of the reader that was to be given away. This is mainly because of the restrictions on the nooks. I have no problem shipping internationally, but this just seemed easier. 
  • You can only win one individual author prize a day. 
  • You can only win one ebook reader. Once you do, you may participate in the author posts, but your name will not go in for the ereader.
  • The contest will run for 24 hours. I will shut down the comments at that time. Winners will start being announced on Wednesday morning. It will be YOUR responsibility to come back and check to see if you won anything. With so many contests, I can’t hunt ya down. 
  • I will be using’s site to pick the winners. I have nothing to do with who wins 😉
Any questions?
FOLKS: I just wanted you to know that you post here. It was pointed out that I forgot to put BLOG POST. You do not have to post anywhere but here.


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