ATH: Kris Cook - Melissa Schroeder

ATH: Kris Cook

Next up is my buddy Kris Cook with his first shape-shifter menage romance. Don’t forget that Kris has authors on his chat group every Wednesday night!

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Kate Bullion’s chance to surprise her grandmother for the holidays goes awry when, instead of Gran, she comes face-to-face with twins Rance and Troy Keekoti, her childhood best friends. They’ve grown up into two very sexy men, but pain from their past still stings Kate.
Rance and Troy have never forgotten Kate–the girl of their dreams, now a woman they crave to possess. Yet tribal law prevents them from coming clean with her about their true nature as shifters. They can’t resist being near her, though, no matter what the risk.
Kate bakes some of Gran’s famous cookies for Rance and Troy, but what none of them know is that one of the ingredients magically lowers inhibitions in humans. In the twins, it unleashes primal urges that scorch her to the core.

Will she be able to let go of old pain and choose the love of her two wolf-shifters?


Kate closed her eyes and let her mind drift. She could hear Rance in the kitchen, putting something together to eat. The man must’ve been starving. He’d burned a ton of calories carrying her back to Gran’s. She plunged her fingers down to her pussy. Desire for Rance to take her, to bury his cock inside her, muddled her mind. Nothing else mattered. She stopped fighting the flood of desire burning inside her.
She heard breaking glass, and for a moment she sobered as fear wrapped its claws around her.
“Sorry, Kate. I broke one of your grandmother’s glasses.”
His voice yanked her back to the delicious hazy need for him.
“Don’t worry about it, Rance. Gran sure won’t. Can you come in here, please?”
She looked at the door and Rance appeared. The towel did a poor job of hiding the bulge between his legs. He held a plate with some of the sugar cookies she’d made.
“Hey, you look like you’re feeling better, honey.”
“I am. This was exactly what I needed.” She slid down deeper, sinking into the warm water. “You know what else I need, Rance?”
“More of your Gran’s cookies.” He moved to the tub and sat on its edge. “They’re delicious. I had five.”
“I actually made them. Eat all you want. There’s several dozen left.”
“Wow. Honey, you’ve got Gran’s talent, that’s for sure.” A spark of lightness in his voice made her pause. The dark and dour Rance seemed upbeat and cheerful…and lusty.
Kate took another cookie and devoured it.
This one tasted better than the last. She should’ve been nervous being exposed to him this way, but she wasn’t. This moment seemed so right, so sublimely comfortable.
They finished off the remaining cookies on the plate.
Something smelled good, other than her cookies. Something akin to a blend of the ocean and musk. Was this Rance’s scent that was driving her wild? Her willpower retreated and her mind spun with possibilities. Not like her at all, so wild with abandon and desire.
A fleeting thought about Troy zipped through her head. Was it wrong to have sex with each of the brothers? Maybe, but now her jumbled mind couldn’t puzzle it out. All that she could fix on was the undeniable urge to have sex with Rance, here and now. “If you think I’m talented in the kitchen, you should see me in the bedroom.” She reached for the cowboy’s hand.
“That’s an invitation I’ll take.” His yellow eyes glowed like the sun. He looked wild and delicious.
A little corner of her mind whispered to her not to be so brazen, but the rest of her brain screamed for more and more and more.
Every part of her body burned with arousal.
Rance growled. “Honey, I can’t wait to fuck that beautiful pussy of yours.”
“Do it, Rance. Please. I have to have you inside me.”
“You will, sweetheart.” He gripped her hair and pulled her closer to him. His hot breath skated over her mouth. “First, I gotta taste your lips.”
Rance leaned over and pressed his mouth to hers, taking ownership of her entire body with his kiss. With his hands on her waist, she felt an ache rocketing down to her pussy from his mouth assault. She grabbed the sides of the tub to steady herself as he forced his tongue between her lips and into her yearning mouth. Gooseflesh popped up on her skin, and still he didn’t release her from his possessive kiss. A shiver wracked her to the core. All logic vanished. She only wanted him and this moment to go on forever.
Rance lifted her up out of the tub. “I’m going to have you screaming my name as I make your pussy weep.”
The air felt cool and his body felt warm. “You think so, cowboy?”
In a flash, he had her down the hall and onto her bed. He crawled in next to her, feathering a kiss on her shoulder. “I know so, honey. I’m going to spread your legs wide for my cock to fill up your pink little pussy.”
She touched his hard chest, as his hands grazed her hips.
Kate felt his hard cock pressing into her leg. “Looks like somebody’s excited.” She couldn’t believe her own tone, so coy and wicked. She’d be buying that brand of beer again.
“I don’t know what they taught you in New York, sweetheart, but if how you’re acting now is any indication of it, I’m ready to be in your class. I promise you, I’ll earn an A plus once I’m done driving you mad with pleasure. Your cute cunt will glisten with your cream and I will fill you up with loads of my cum.”
His mouth seared its way to her neck, down to her breasts. He teethed her nipples, one at a time. Moisture dotted her mound.
“You like, sweetheart?” His yellow eyes mesmerized her.

“God, yes!”
Kris wants to know, what is your favorite supernatural hero? There is a 10 dollar Bookstrand GC up for grabs:)


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  1. My favorite supernatural heroes are shifters with vampires and demons a close second. I prefer wolf and big cat shifters. I like how feral and Alpha they are. They are usually protective and loyal.

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  2. I read so many great paranormal romance stories with amazing heroes, but I have to say I have a particular fondness for wolf shifters.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  3. Vampires are one favorite,like Bones from the Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost…and Wolf shifters would be Clay from Kelley Armstrong’s books.
    Loved the excerpt,Can’t wait to read more


  4. I love wolf shifters. But if we are talking comic superheroes. Rogue. But not the wimpy movie Rogue, the stole Ms. Marvel’s powers badass Rogue. She may have lacked for human contact but she could fly and had super strength.

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  5. Hi, Kris! I think my favorite are the shifters–I like many of them, from wolves to big cats to dragons… They’re so interesting because they have so obviously more than one “side” to them!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  6. Melissa, you’re the best for letting me come be a part of your great group. I have to agree with everyone. Shifters and Vampires. What’s not to love?

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