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Yes, I am late doing my newsletter, for the whole freaking year! I have a plan, it is a crazy plan, to have my daughter to start helping me. I am not sure she will get into it, but I think I shall bribe her with money and guilt her with stories of my pain during my pregnancy with her. Oh, and just blackmail with threats of posting pics on Facebook. Yeah, I am that mean.
But, I digress as usual.

First, The Spy Who Loved Her got four stars from RT Bookclub! And, I have a post talking about writing the book up too, so make sure to pop over and read it.
Now, a lot of you know that the military has decided to move us again. I am actually happy about it, because it is OUR LAST PCS! Let me shout that again. LAST….PCS!!!!
Not that I am happy about it or anything, lol.
Since I don’t know if we will even be in quarters by then, I am going to set up a huge blog contest ahead of time. If I get enough authors involved, I should be able to do it all week, woo hoo! And, I am going to offer up an ereader or Ipad. Not sure which yet, trying to decide.
Anyway, it looks it will be a week long celebration. If you are an author who would like to be in on it, let me know. 
Now, I have to beg. Yeah, really beg. I am looking to do some blog dates for a tour from May 28th- June 11th. If you have a blog, please let me know if you would sponsor me for the day. If you are already booked up, I will have a widget made up for the Addicted to Harmless Blog Party and for A Little Harmless Addiction and I would greatly appreciate if you would post it on your page, either one.
Any pimping, etc, will be greatly appreciated;)

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