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A Little Harmless Addiction

Otherwise known as I am a lucky bitch part 537. Scott loves me, he really loves me. This was a hard cover to do because I have a part Hawaiian hero and a black heroine. It isn’t easy to do with two people on the cover.
I wanted to say a little about the book. The last three Harmless books have been BDSM. The characters in Pleasure, Obsession and Lie all had BDSM in the backgrounds. Or, they were missing that from their love life. Jocelyn and Kai are different.
Jocelyn comes from the same background as Chris, being that he is her brother, but she has been through a tough time. BDSM is not part of her love life, or is it for Kai. I could have pushed it, because people assume that this is a BDSM series, but it wouldn’t have felt right, to the reader or me.
Not that it isn’t erotic. But, I will say, it is more along the lines of A Little Harmless Sex. It is more a HOT HOT erotic contemporary. No suspense, just two people trying to figure out just how to be together.
And, sorry, not sure how much BDSM will be in A Little Harmless Secret, the next one I have planned.  That has suspense in it, but not sure that those two characters will have that need. And I do not, as I mentioned before, believe in making a book BDSM because it might sell more. I tell the story the characters need to tell, and not all personalities are a good fit for BDSM.
That being said, I really like the book. And, I am going to have one BIG ASS CONTEST. I have a ton of authors who are going to be on the week of release for an Addicted to Harmless Blog Party. As many of you know, I am moving the last week of May, so when this comes out, there is a good chance I will still be living out of boxes. Well, let me put it this way. I will be lucky if I am living out of boxes and not still waiting for a house or delivery of household goods. So, I am setting this up ahead of time. Also, I will be making widgets and I would appreciate any and all posting of the widget.
I am so super thrilled about the cover and I hope everyone will like the story!

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6 Comments on “A Little Harmless Addiction

  1. I for one am glad you don’t force BDSM on your characters when they don’t want it. The Harmless series to me should be as varied as the characters in it.

    Scott is a god. He does the best covers. *sigh*

    Oh and do we actually get to call it the BIG ASS CONTEST? I like that.

  2. LOL, no it is not the big ass contest.
    One of the things I hear from readers is that they like that they are all so different. I don’t like reading or writing the same thing over and over. I realized when thinking about what might be the seventh (OMG SEVENTH) Harmless book will take place in DC:)

  3. Awesome Melissa.
    You have a fan in me that is for sure.
    and these books rock.
    Thank you for writing such great characters to love and care about..you Rock girl!
    I will help promote if you want..just email me or connect with me on Facebook…*S*
    We may not be able to promote through acontest but sure can promote your book …LOL


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