New Release Party: Eden Bradley - Melissa Schroeder

New Release Party: Eden Bradley

Next up we have one of the fantastic Smutketeers, EDEN BRADLEY! She is offering up a copy of the second book of this wonderful series, BLOODSONG!
They have nothing to lose…except the one gift they never expected to find.

Midnight Playground, Book 3
Ilana escaped a life of sex slavery, using her extraordinary beauty to survive among the few remaining wealthy humans in London. But she has higher aspirations. For two years she has haunted the BDSM dungeons of the Midnight Playground, hungering for The Turning Kiss—that deep drink that will make her one of them. An immortal vampire.
Turned out onto the streets of Edinburgh as a child, Calam’s tortured path led him to a job at the club, where he also engages in exotic and dangerous sex play with its clientele. Craving, like Ilana, the eternal escape of the Turning Kiss.
Ilana is undeniably drawn to the beautiful Scotsman, but she has no time to waste; the club takes no one over thirty. When a sinfully compelling vampire pair brings them together for an unusual foursome, she and Calam are shocked to discover it isn’t the vampires they crave, it’s the tenderness and emotion they feel for each other.
After years of seeking to feel something, anything, other than the pain of the past, the ultimate gift is within Ilana’s reach. Yet the cost—leaving her heart behind with a mortal—could be more than she can bear.


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22 Comments on “New Release Party: Eden Bradley

  1. I’ve read excerpts of this book on two other websites. I think it sounds like a hot read. The situation seems extremely complicated with all of the individuals involved. I would like to see how this story plays out!

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  2. wow this sounds really good. Love the cover too.
    please don’t enter me for the giveaway I already have Bloodsong.

  3. Thank you Desi, Chele, LisaB and red. 🙂 And thanks to Melissa for having me visit today-and congrats on your latest release!
    Miranda-my hope is that you *will* get sucked in-lol! Each book can be read as a stand-alone, but as I have connected characters, they’re probably more fun if they’re all read, and especially in order (but again, not totally necessary).
    I just finished the fourth book, EVERSONG, starring Ever, my favorite vampire, who appears in BLOODSONG and THE TURNING KISS-he had to have his own book. And I just finished making my Romance Trading card for him-it’s a new thing a bunch of romance authors are doing for upcoming conferences and signings-you can see more on my Facebook page. 🙂

  4. Just wanted to send some love Eden’s way and support Mel’s new release.

    Don’t enter me for the contest, I have happily already bought your books. Can’t for the next one. That cover is so sexy..LOVE IT! My favorite so far.

    Can’t wait for Smutketeers visit at KCChat on 21st, I’m hyped for 2 hours we’ll have a great time for sure. Hope you’ll be one of the ones coming to visit.

    Take care and ttyl

  5. BADklv-THE TURNING KISS is actually the 3rd book in Midnight Playground vampire series, so two more already done, and Book 4 will be out soon, too! And…I’m thinking about (hoping!) to expand this series into another 4-6 books-sort of a Part II series-we shall see. 🙂
    Chrissie-thanks so much for stopping by! We’re all looking forward to our 2 hour chat at Kris Cook’s Chatters-fun!

  6. I just started this series yesterday. About half way through The Seeking Kiss. I’m looking forward to reading this series.

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